1978 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Bilingual/Bicultural Education
AB 1084ChaconModel Teacher Exchange ProgramsDead
AB 2520ChaconCategorical Programs: Bilingual-Bicultural ActFailed
AB 2718AntonovichBilingual EducationDropped
AB 2832ChaconBilingual-Bicultural EducationDropped
AB 2892BannaiBilingual EducationDropped
AB 2931ChaconBilingual EducationFailed
AB 3463ChaconCertificated EmployeesChapter 1073
AB 3466ChaconBilingual Education CertificationDead
AB 3467ChaconBilingual EducationDead
AB 3470ChaconSchool DistrictsChapter 848
AB 3472ChaconCertificated EmployeesDropped
AB 3474ChaconBilingual EducationChapter 990
AB 3593ChaconStudent Aid CommissionDead
ACR 150ChappieBilingual Education Programs StudyDropped
AJR 78AlatorreFederal Funds FlexibilityChapter R-129

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