1978 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Abuse/Child Pornography
AB 2238LockyerSuspected Child Abuse Reporting or Photography: LiabilityChapter 136
AB 2259DuffyChild Abuse of Other Minors: Removal From CustodyDead
AB 2371EllisChild Pornography: Sexual ConductFailed
AB 2491AntonovichChild Abuse Training GuidelinesChapter 1225
AB 2528BoatwrightFamily Stress Pilot Project CenterChapter 1390
AB 2968DixonOffice of Child Abuse Prevention; Advisory CommitteeChapter 1334
AB 3125LockyerChild Abuse Central RegistryDead
AB 3126LockyerFamily Stress CentersDead
AB 3127LockyerProtective Services for Children Pilot ProgramDead
AB 3370AntonovichFamily Crisis Pilot CenterFailed
AB 3431EllisChild Abuse ReportingDead
AB 3494AntonovichSale of Explicit Sexual Material to MinorDead
AB 3557AntonovichChild Protective ServicesDead
AB 3569ClineAnnoying or Molesting a Minor PenaltiesDead
SB 740WilsonObscenity: Minor Under 16 Depicted in Sexual MatterChapter 715
SB 1414BehrSuspected Child Abuse ReportingDropped
SB 1614RainsSuspected Child Abuse Reporting and ResponsibilitiesFailed
SB 1840RichardsonSex Crime PunishmentFailed

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