1978 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Juvenile Justice
AB 958DixonDetention of Status OffendersChapter 1061
AB 2057MaddyTemporary Custody of Minors Without a WarrantChapter 1372
AB 2397TorresNonsecure Placement Facility GuidelinesChapter 1157
AB 2462RoosStatus Offenders: Personally Identifying InformationVetoed
AB 3641HartJuvenile Hall Facilities for Court DependentsChapter 1168
ACR 95McAlisterJoint Committee on State Policy Toward Youthful OffendersDead
SB 631RobertiProbation Officer Duties: Dependent ChildrenFailed
SB 1515NejedlyPenalties for Sheltering RunawaysDead
SB 1637WilsonJuvenile Conciliation Counselor Pilot ProjectDropped

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