1978 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 1896HartMidwife Training Pilot Project FeasibilityChapter 1038
AB 1960BermanPromotion: Discrimination Against Pregnant EmployeesChapter 1321
AB 2152BrownLive Birth CertificatesChapter 1386
AB 2314LantermanHigh-Risk Pregnancy Pilot ProgramsChapter 1040
AB 3310GogginNonprofit Maternity Homes LicensingDropped
AB 3524VasconcellosChildbirth Study BillsVetoed
AB 3649LantermanHigh-Risk PregnanciesVetoed
AB 3720RosenthalGenetic Disorders: AmniocentesisChapter 1272
ACR 66EgelandFetal Alcohol Syndrome Information PamphletChapter R-5
ACR 123VasconcellosAlternatives in Maternity and Infant CareDropped
ACR 125VasconcellosMaternity CareDropped
ACR 141VasconcellosMaternity CareDropped
ACR 142VasconcellosMaternity CareDropped
ACR 174VasconcellosUnmet Health Needs of Pregnant and Potentially Pregnant FemalesDropped
HR 70VasconcellosUnmet Health Needs of Pregnant and Potentially Pregnant FemalesAdopted
SB 104NejedlyDelayed Birth Registration ProceduresFailed
SB 1865HoldenAmniocentesis Counseling and AccessDropped

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