1979 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 5ClineCourt-Ordered Busing FinancingDead
AB 8GreenePermanent School District FundingChapter 282
AB 41ClineRacial Integration: Compulsory ReassignmentFailed
AB 52McCarthyStudent Absences for Personal ReasonsChapter 236
AB 202HartIndependent Study Programs in Continuation SchoolsChapter 1014
AB 457NestandeKindergarten Entrance AgeTwo-year bill
AB 461HayesIntegration Busing: School FundsFailed
AB 467DeddehRemoval of Injurious ObjectsChapter 210
AB 508ChaconPrivate Schools: Release of Pupil RecordsDead
AB 542RosenthalSex Education Programs: Instructional TVTwo-year bill
AB 576HartVocation Education Funding Task ForceChapter 1011
AB 601RoosBlind Students: Qualified ReadersDropped
AB 719DeddehInstructional Programs Level of ServiceChapter 38
AB 801HartHigh School Graduation Proficiency StandardsChapter 496
AB 935PerinoCardiopulmonary Resuscitation Programs: ReimbursementDead
AB 1007NestandeDepartment of Education EliminationTwo-year bill
AB 1040MangersMentally Gifted Minors ProgramChapter 774
AB 1279LehmanCompulsory Continuing EducationTwo-year bill
AB 1434HughesCommission on Teacher Preparation and LicensingChapter 826
AB 1508LehmanSuspended School Pupil: Parent ConferenceTwo-year bill
AB 1515W. BrownSchool Improvement Program: Art and MusicTwo-year bill
AB 1531RogersHabitual Truant: Parent AccompanimentTwo-year bill
AB 1596RobinsonInstructional Materials Use PeriodTwo-year bill
AB 1598NestandeBasic Educational ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 1648GreeneSchool Boards: Permissive AuthorityTwo-year bill
AB 1712ClineStudents Providing Janitorial WorkTwo-year bill
AB 1747LeonardPupil Absences: Compulsory Final ExamsTwo-year bill
ACA 6ClineCompulsory Integration BusingFailed
ACA 7ClineCompulsory Integration Busing FundingDead
ACA 19YoungSchool IntegrationProvisions deleted
ACA 49ClineStudents Providing Janitorial WorkTwo-year bill
ACR 48MangersSchool Services for Foster ChildrenChapter R-54
SB 45CarpenterRegional Adult and Vocational Education CouncilsTwo-year bill
SB 60NejedlyLiability for Students who Leave without PermissionTwo-year bill
SB 65CusanovichMentally Gifted Minor Program FundingDropped
SB 68BriggsCourt-Ordered Busing FundingDropped
SB 71RobertiVandalism: Restitution or Community ServiceChapter 200
SB 72RobertiSchool Violence and Vandalism ReportsChapter 1204
SB 73RobertiDepartment of Education: Crime PreventionVetoed
SB 119PetrixForeign Student EducationChapter 247
SB 186RoddaPost-Proposition 13 Funding for SchoolsChapter 1035
SB 121GreenePUSH EXCEL Program EnhancementsDead
SB 217RobbinsNovember Special Election on IntegrationChapter 193
SB 234DillsComprehensive School Finance BillFailed
SB 270CarpenterSchool Improvement Plans EliminationTwo-year bill
SB 310PresleyMarijuana Possession on School GroundFailed
SB 311RobbinsCompulsory Busing Fund UseDropped
SB 344WilsonStudent Records: Written Parental ConsentTwo-year bill
SB 496PresleyPupil Willful Misconduct: Parental LiabilityChapter 1149
SB 877RichardsonEducation Voucher SystemTwo-year bill
SB 897WatsonCourt-Referred Minors: County Community SchoolsTwo-year bill
SB 923ForanDouble Session KindergartenFailed
SB 1040CarpenterFederal Education Funds DisbursementChapter 1113
SB 1244RobbinsSchool Integration: Discrimination ProofTwo-year bill
SB 1247AyalaPupil Suspensions: Principal AppointeeTwo-year bill
SCA 2RobbinsState Compliance with Federal School Integration LawsChapter 18
SCA 7A. GarciaPuplic Schools: Lottery FinancingDropped
SCA 13AlquistCommunity Colleges and State Universities: Public School SystemTwo-year bill
SCR 11CarpenterMinimum Funding Level for SchoolsTwo-year bill

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