1979 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 191TorresNonpayment of Bill: Detention in Health FacilityChapter 283
AB 797LehmanSale of Toluene Poisons to MinorsChapter 1169
AB 805MangersMumps and Rubella ImmunizationsChapter 435
AB 810GreeneInfant Medical Dispatch Centers for High-Risk NewbornsChapter 207
AB 873AgnosGenetic Disease Testing Fund AppropriationChapter 657
AB 983AgnosWorker Exposure to Pesticides and PoisonsTwo-year bill
AB 1043AgnosBrain-Damaged Persons Pilot ProjectChapter 1058
AB 1050BermanFederal Health Planning Requirements ConformationTwo-year bill
AB 1077W. BrownChildren's Services Program: Severe Dental DiseaseVetoed
AB 1082FilanteNewborn Eye Treatment ResponsibilityDead
AB 1289RosenthalHigh-Risk Infant Screening: Outreach PilotTwo-year bill
AB 1459BannaiDisability Insurance Carriers: Catastrophic InsuranceTwo-year bill
AB 1823BergesonImmunization Requirements LimitationDead
AB 1956TuckerCommunicable Disease Treatment: Minor ConsentTwo-year bill
ACR 40FilanteEye Disease Prevention: Silver NitrateTwo-year bill
SB 111CarpenterCommunity Dental Disease Prevention ProgramChapter 1134
SB 716GaramendiComprehensive Health Services ActFailed

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