1979 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 5EducationAB 1582Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical Disabilities
AB 7Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesAB 1588Child Abuse/Child Pornography
AB 8Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool &
Education &
Government Finance/Government Organization
AB 1596Education
AB 1598Education
AB 23Government Finance/Government OrganizationAB 1628Juvenile Justice
AB 26Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesAB 1648Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool &
AB 30Government Finance/Government Organization
AB 37AFDCAB 1712Education
AB 41EducationAB 1741Juvenile Justice
AB 52EducationAB 1747Education
AB 53Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodyAB 1761Juvenile Justice
AB 79OtherAB 1773Child Abuse/Child Pornography
AB 100Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesAB 1812Adoption/Foster Care/Child Custody
AB 120OtherAB 1823Health
AB 121MaternityAB 1838Juvenile Justice
AB 122Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodyAB 1840Juvenile Justice
AB 176Child Abuse/Child PornographyAB 1866Juvenile Justice
AB 178AFDCAB 1867Juvenile Justice
AB 191HealthAB 1898Special Education
AB 202EducationAB 1903AFDC
AB 224HousingAB 1919Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical Disabilities
AB 252AbortionAB 1945AFDC
AB 261Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodyAB 1956Health
AB 265Child Abuse/Child PornographyACA 6Education
AB 279HousingACA 7Education
AB 294Juvenile JusticeACA 19Education
AB 326Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesACA 49Education
AB 339Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodyACR 16Other
AB 363Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodyACR 20Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool &
AB 377Child Care/Family Day Care/PreschoolACR 21Government Finance/Government Organization
AB 381AFDCACR 26Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical Disabilities
AB 385Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodyACR 40Health
AB 396AFDCACR 42Other
AB 446AFDCACR 48Education
AB 448Residential Community Care Facilities/InstitutionsAJR 15Other
AB 457EducationAJR 16Other
AB 460Child Care/Family Day Care/PreschoolAJR 17Other
AB 461EducationAJR 19Nutrition
AB 467EducationSB 1AFDC
AB 471AbortionSB 8AFDC
AB 507Bilingual/Bicultural EducationSB 9Child Abuse/Child Pornography
AB 508EducationSB 14Government Finance/Government Organization
AB 542EducationSB 45Education
AB 576EducationSB 57Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool
AB 601EducationSB 60Education
AB 621OtherSB 65Education
AB 657Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesSB 68Education
AB 676Juvenile JusticeSB 70Juvenile Justice
AB 690Bilingual/Bicultural EducationSB 71Education
AB 719EducationSB 72Education
AB 731Juvenile JusticeSB 73Education
AB 741AbortionSB 74AFDC
AB 746OtherSB 93AFDC
AB 749AFDCSB 111Health
AB 750Juvenile JusticeSB 119Education
AB 753NutritionSB 121Education
AB 781Child Abuse/Child PornographySB 133Juvenile Justice
AB 792Adoption/Foster Care/Child Custody &
Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool
SB 146Nutrition
SB 172Child Abuse/Child Pornography
SB 186Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool &
AB 797HealthSB 190Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool &
Government Finance/Government Organization
AB 800Bilingual/Bicultural Education
AB 801EducationSB 216AFDC
AB 805HealthSB 217Education
AB 810HealthSB 220Bilingual/Bicultural Education
AB 826Residential Community Care Facilities/InstitutionsSB 234Education
AB 850Juvenile JusticeSB 260Special Education
AB 873HealthSB 270Education
AB 935EducationSB 282Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool
AB 968Residential Community Care Facilities/InstitutionsSB 284Nutrition
AB 971AFDCSB 308Juvenile Justice
AB 972AFDCSB 310Education
AB 983HealthSB 311Education
AB 1004Residential Community Care Facilities/InstitutionsSB 314Juvenile Justice
AB 1007EducationSB 325Abortion
AB 1018AFDCSB 326Special Education
AB 1033NutritionSB 344Education
AB 1040EducationSB 355Child Abuse/Child Pornography
AB 1041Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodySB 365Juvenile Justice
AB 1043HealthSB 410Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical Disabilities
AB 1050HealthSB 422Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical Disabilities
AB 1051AFDCSB 440Housing
AB 1077HealthSB 444Residential Community Care Facilities/Institutions
AB 1082HealthSB 449Juvenile Justice
AB 1097MaternitySB 477Adoption/Foster Care/Child Custody
AB 1113Child Abuse/Child PornographySB 496Education
AB 1122Juvenile JusticeSB 540Adoption/Foster Care/Child Custody
AB 1123Juvenile JusticeSB 542Other
AB 1134Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesSB 550Government Finance/Government Organization
AB 1165Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesSB 645Adoption/Foster Care/Child Custody
AB 1186Juvenile JusticeSB 685Juvenile Justice
AB 1198OtherSB 686Juvenile Justice
AB 1202Special EducationSB 691Abortion
AB 1204Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesSB 716Health
AB 1208Juvenile JusticeSB 764Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool
AB 1211AFDCSB 775Maternity
AB 1247Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodySB 776Maternity
AB 1251AFDCSB 781Child Abuse/Child Pornography
AB 1273Child Care/Family Day Care/PreschoolSB 782Juvenile Justice
AB 1279EducationSB 784AFDC
AB 1289HealthSB 806Bilingual/Bicultural Education
AB 1297Special EducationSB 840Juvenile Justice
AB 1305Special EducationSB 861Juvenile Justice
AB 1308Juvenile JusticeSB 863Child Care/Family Day Care/Preschool
AB 1314Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesSB 870Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical Disabilities
AB 1348AbortionSB 877Education
AB 1353MaternitySB 897Education
AB 1368Child Care/Family Day Care/PreschoolSB 919Adoption/Foster Care/Child Custody
AB 1372Child Abuse/Child PornographySB 923Education
AB 1374Juvenile JusticeSB 926Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical Disabilities
AB 1383Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesSB 932Child Abuse/Child Pornography
AB 1418Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodySB 948Other
AB 1424Child Abuse/Child PornographySB 953Nutrition
AB 1426Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodySB 958Other
AB 1434EducationSB 981Juvenile Justice
AB 1456OtherSB 1009Special Education
AB 1459HealthSB 1032Adoption/Foster Care/Child Custody
AB 1480Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodySB 1040Education
AB 1492AFDCSB 1050Government Finance/Government Organization
AB 1496Child Care/Family Day Care/PreschoolSB 1125Juvenile Justice
AB 1508EducationSB 1149Special Education
AB 1510Juvenile JusticeSB 1232Bilingual/Bicultural Education
AB 1515Education &
Special Education
SB 1244Education
SB 1247Education
AB 1521Juvenile JusticeSB 1248AFDC
AB 1531EducationSCA 2Education
AB 1539Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health/Physical DisabilitiesSCA 7Education
AB 1568Child Care/Family Day Care/PreschoolSCA 13Education
AB 1575Adoption/Foster Care/Child CustodySCR 11Education
AB 1577NutritionSCR 22Residential Community Care Facilities/Institutions

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