1979 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 37BaneAged, Blind, and Disabled Cost-of-Living IncreaseDead
AB 178NolanState Administration of Medi-Cal, AFDCDropped
AB 211McAlisterAFDC Fraud: Fingerprinting and Photo IdentificationVetoed
AB 369McAlisterEmancipated Minors: Court PetitionChapter 523
AB 381BoatwrightWelfare Reform ActChapter 1170
AB 396StirlingCounty Retention of Public Assistance RecordsChapter 804
AB 446PerinoMedi-Cal, AFDC, State Assumption of County CostsTwo-year bill
AB 749McAlisterAFDC Fraud PenaltiesDead
AB 792AlatorreState Assumption of AFDC, SSP, and Medi-Cal; Cost-of-LivingDead
AB 793AlatorreHiring of AFDC Recipient Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 971AlatorreAFDC Employment and Training ProgramChapter 901
AB 972AlatorreAFDC Recipients Self-Supporting ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 1018AlatorreAFDC Eligibility: Annual RedeterminationDropped
AB 1051ElderAFDC Payment LimitationsDead
AB 1211ClineAFDC Employment and Training ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 1251NolanMedi-Cal Eligibility: 18-21 Year Olds Living at HomeChapter 451
AB 1492NolanAFDC Annual Cost-of-Living AdjustmentFailed
AB 1616McVittieAFDC Fraud Prosecution RequirementsDead
AB 1903D. BrownAFDC Recipients Work RequirementTwo-year bill
AB 1904D. BrownAFDC Payments: County DistributionTwo-year bill
AB 1945IngallsAFDC Annual Cost-of-Living AdjustmentTwo-year bill
SB 1GreeneAFDC, SSI, SSP Cost-of-Living AdjustmentTwo-year bill
SB 8MarksAFDC Cost-of-Living Link to State EmployeesTwo-year bill
SB 74ForanMedi-Cal Cost: County ShareProvisions deleted
SB 93GreeneHiring of AFDC Recipient Tax CreditChapter 1182
SB 216BriggsPublic Assistance Recipient ThumbprintingDead
SB 784WatsonAFDC Fraud: Repayment Prior to ProsecutionChapter 1171
SB 1248CampbellAFDC, SSI, SSP Annual Cost-of-Living AdjustmentTwo-year bill

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