1980 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Custody/Support
AB 145McAlisterRetirement System: Spousal and Child SupportChapter 173
AB 1981StirlingBlood Test: Presumed Paternity ChallengeChapter 1310
AB 2115McAlisterNon-Custodial Parents Due Process RightsChapter 682
AB 2197ImbrechtCustody Terms DefinitionsDead
AB 2875RogersDependency Hearings: Information in ReportsChapter 716
AB 3144MooreAdoption Agency Contact of Natural ParentDropped
AB 3311McVittieContested Custody Trial Date PriorityChapter 863
SB 961SierotyFamily Conciliation Court LawChapter 48
SB 1351RobbinsEqual Responsibility for Support and Education: Wage Attachment for ArrearsChapter 1341
SB 1995Marz GarciaWithholding Support for Visitation RightsChapter 237

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