1980 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 507ChaconBilingual-Bicultural ProgramChapter 1339
AB 542RosenthalSchool Sex EducationProvisions deleted
AB 812ChaconBilingual Education Improvement Reform ActFailed
AB 859NaylorSale or Lease of School Land for Recreation or Open SpaceChapter 736
AB 1202HartSpecial Education for Children in State HospitalsChapter 1191
AB 1755IngallsDaily Monitoring of School BusesChapter 147
AB 1917LancasterSchool District Support of Private Summer School ProgramsChapter 165
AB 1999ChaconBilingual-Crosscultural Certification Training ProgramDead
AB 2168KapiloffGrade 7 and 8 Scoliosis ExamsChapter 1347
AB 2169HanniganIntensive Special Education Programs for Children Under 5Dropped
AB 2188LeonardConsolidated Education Demonstration ActVetoed
AB 2191BergesonInterrelationship of Terminating Categorical ProgramsChapter 245
AB 2196GreeneUrban Impact Aid and School Finance FundingChapter 1354
AB 2214GreeneCommunity College Adult Education ProgramsDead
AB 2243NaylorSchool District Funding: Proposition 9Failed
AB 2273ClineAirway Obstruction First Aid InstructionDead
AB 2286KapiloffSpecial Education Hearings: Limit on Use of AttorneysChapter 1325
AB 2365NolanExceptional Children: Contracts with Non-Public Sectarian SchoolsProvisions deleted
AB 2394EgelandHandicapped Children: Federal FundingChapter 1276
AB 2400MangersBilingual Education Improvement ReformFailed
AB 2460AlatorreSchool Admission: TuberculosisChapter 960
AB 2615ChaconBilingual Teacher Grant ProgramChapter 1261
AB 2930HarrisProficiency Assessment and Basic Skills ClassesDead
AB 2934HarrisLearning Guidelines ProgramsDead
AB 2940HarrisIn-School Suspension ProgramFailed
AB 2949MooreNutrition Program for Needy Children NotificationChapter 975
AB 3043VasconcellosEducation and services for Handicapped Children: SafeguardsChapter 1373
AB 3075PapanCalifornia Master Plan for Special Education Clean-UpChapter 1353
AB 3083GreeneEnvironmental Education Program ExtensionDropped
AB 3091McVittieSchool Safety and Security Resource UnitChapter 788
AB 3093McVittieHigh Crime Areas Parent Notification Pilot ProgramChapter 1203
AB 3125MoorheadTruant Students: Community servicesFailed
AB 3200ClineSchool-Related Crimes ReportingFailed
AB 3269HartSchool Attendance Pilot StudyChapter 1329
AB 3351McVittieViolent Incidences at Schools ReportingChapter 333
AB 3369HartSchool Proficiency TestsChapter 1333
AB 3390ChaconState Master Plan: Migrant Children ServicesFailed
AB 3391ChaconExtension of Categorical Program Review FactorsChapter 664
AB 3433ChaconInstructor Training FundsDropped
ACR 89HayesSchool Employees Dress StandardsDead
ACR 115YoungPublic School Funding: Proposition 9Dead
SB 121GreenePUSH-EXCEL Program EnhancementDead
SB 431RoddaInstructional MaterialsDropped
SB 806PetrisBilingual-Crosscultural WaiversChapter 985
SB 1009CampbellChildren with Special Needs: Summer SchoolFailed
SB 1232RussellTransitional English ProgramDead
SB 1244RobbinsSchool Integration: Proof of DiscriminationVetoed
SB 1247AyalaSchool SuspensionsChapter 73
SB 1278MaddySmall School Districts: Teacher SalariesVetoed
SB 1285CarpenterAge Limit for Special EducationFailed
SB 1347CarpenterInstruction TV TerminationDead
SB 1458CarpenterEnglish Instruction PilotsDead
SB 1459CarpenterLimit on Standardized TestingChapter 728
SB 1578GreeneVocational Education FundingDead
SB 1616WatsonHandicapped Children Education and Services: Department ResponsibilityChapter 1218
SB 1705PetrisSchool Immunizations Without Parental ConsentDropped
SB 1733AlquistEarthquake Education ProgramFailed
SB 1735SierotyExemplary Arts EducationChapter 1258
SB 1774PetrisSouth East Asian Refugee PupilsDead
SB 1840GreeneSchool-Community Drug Abuse Prevention ProgramVetoed
SB 1870RoddaCalifornia Master Plan for Special Education ExtensionChapter 797
SJR 30WatsonComprehensive School Counseling and Guidance Programs for Elementary PupilsChapter R-40
SR 25CarpenterTeacher Paperwork ReductionAdopted

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