1980 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Mental Health
AB 2141BatesCalifornia Mental Health ModelDropped
AB 2144BatesNotification of Mental Health Facility Patient's FamilyChapter 924
AB 2210YoungParticipation of Marriage, Family and Child CounselorsChapter 972
AB 2315HaydenState Board of Mental HealthFailed
AB 2745BatesDisclosure of Confidential Mental Health Information: State OfficialsChapter 695
AB 2858BatesMental Health Advocacy ServiceFailed
AB 3041LevineState Mental Health Program FundingDropped
ACR 104HughesAdequate Resources for Mental HealthDropped
SB 410RobertiAccess of Law Enforcement Agencies to Mental Health InformationChapter 1061

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