1980 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 32OtherAB 3070AFDC/Foster Care
AB 145Child Custody/SupportAB 3075Education
AB 507EducationAB 3080Other
AB 542EducationAB 3083Education
AB 754Developmental DisabilitiesAB 3089Juvenile Justice
AB 781Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceAB 3091Education
AB 812EducationAB 3093Education
AB 859EducationAB 3116Developmental Disabilities
AB 1198OtherAB 3124Developmental Disabilities
AB 1202EducationAB 3125Education
AB 1211AFDC/Foster CareAB 3133AFDC/Foster Care
AB 1289Developmental DisabilitiesAB 3138AFDC/Foster Care
AB 1374Juvenile JusticeAB 3144Child Custody/Support
AB 1383Developmental DisabilitiesAB 3161Other
AB 1426AdoptionAB 3198Developmental Disabilities
AB 1518Juvenile JusticeAB 3200Education
AB 1523Juvenile JusticeAB 3269Education
AB 1575AdoptionAB 3288AFDC/Foster Care
AB 1755EducationAB 3311Child Custody/Support
AB 1903AFDC/Foster CareAB 3329Juvenile Justice
AB 1904AFDC/Foster CareAB 3351Education
AB 1917EducationAB 3369Education
AB 1945AFDC/Foster CareAB 3390Education
AB 1946Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceAB 3391Education
AB 1956OtherAB 3400Other
AB 1981Child Custody/SupportAB 3409Other
AB 1986Juvenile JusticeAB 3433Education
AB 1991Juvenile JusticeAB 3446Other
AB 1999EducationACA 16Other
AB 2068OtherACA 60Other
AB 2080Developmental DisabilitiesACA 75AFDC/Foster Care
AB 2106Developmental DisabilitiesACR 40Other
AB 2115Child Custody/SupportACR 77Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2141Mental HealthACR 89Education
AB 2144Mental HealthACR 95Other
AB 2149AFDC/Foster CareACR 104Mental Health
AB 2168EducationACR 115Education
AB 2169Child Care &
ACR 117Developmental Disabilities
AJR 63Developmental Disabilities
AB 2188Child Care &
SB 121Education
SB 133Other
AB 2191EducationSB 365Other
AB 2196Child Care &
SB 410Mental Health
SB 431Education
AB 2197Child Custody/SupportSB 440Other
AB 2210Mental HealthSB 500Other
AB 2211OtherSB 764Child Care
AB 2213OtherSB 781Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2214Child Care &
SB 806Education
SB 863Child Care
AB 2243EducationSB 958Other
AB 2273EducationSB 961Child Custody/Support
AB 2274AFDC/Foster CareSB 1009Education
AB 2286EducationSB 1232Education
AB 2290OtherSB 1244Education
AB 2305OtherSB 1246Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2310Juvenile JusticeSB 1247Education
AB 2315Mental HealthSB 1248AFDC/Foster Care
AB 2321Juvenile JusticeSB 1278Education
AB 2334OtherSB 1285Education
AB 2365EducationSB 1286Juvenile Justice
AB 2381OtherSB 1322Other
AB 2394EducationSB 1343Child Care
AB 2400EducationSB 1347Education
AB 2442Juvenile JusticeSB 1351Child Custody/Support
AB 2460EducationSB 1387Other
AB 2497Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 1407Developmental Disabilities
AB 2529AFDC/Foster CareSB 1453Developmental Disabilities
AB 2556AFDC/Foster CareSB 1458Education
AB 2614OtherSB 1459Education
AB 2615EducationSB 1471Juvenile Justice
AB 2635AFDC/Foster CareSB 1476AFDC/Foster Care
AB 2660OtherSB 1490Developmental Disabilities
AB 2677Developmental DisabilitiesSB 1502Child Care
AB 2681Developmental DisabilitiesSB 1578Education
AB 2682AFDC/Foster CareSB 1616Education
AB 2701Developmental DisabilitiesSB 1623Developmental Disabilities
AB 2745Mental HealthSB 1660Juvenile Justice
AB 2748Child CareSB 1705Education
AB 2749AFDC/Foster CareSB 1711Other
AB 2781OtherSB 1726Other
AB 2808OtherSB 1733Education
AB 2845Developmental DisabilitiesSB 1735Education
AB 2852AFDC/Foster CareSB 1742Developmental Disabilities
AB 2854AFDC/Foster CareSB 1768Juvenile Justice
AB 2858Mental HealthSB 1774Education
AB 2875Child Custody/SupportSB 1796Juvenile Justice
AB 2886AFDC/Foster CareSB 1801AFDC/Foster Care
AB 2918Developmental DisabilitiesSB 1814Other
AB 2930EducationSB 1829Other
AB 2934EducationSB 1830Other
AB 2939Child CareSB 1840Education
AB 2940EducationSB 1847AFDC/Foster Care
AB 2949EducationSB 1870Child Care &
AB 2950AFDC/Foster Care
AB 2956OtherSB 1877Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2973Child CareSB 1906Developmental Disabilities
AB 2980AFDC/Foster CareSB 1995Child Custody/Support
AB 2981Child CareSCR 36Child Care
AB 3014Juvenile JusticeSCR 61Developmental Disabilities
AB 3026Child CareSCR 78Child Care
AB 3036Child CareSJR 30Education
AB 3041Mental HealthSJR 33Other
AB 3043EducationSJR 38Other
AB 3065OtherSR 25Education

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