1980 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AFDC/Foster Care
AB 1211ClineAFDC Employment and TrainingDead
AB 1903D. BrownAFDC Work RequirementDropped
AB 1904D. BrownAFDC Recipients: Payment Pickup in CountyDropped
AB 1945IngallsAFDC Cost-of-Living Adjustment RepealDropped
AB 2149AlatorreAid for Disabled Minors Who Live Away from HomeChapter 323
AB 2274LeonardBoard of Supervisors: Access to Welfare Eligibility InformationVetoed
AB 2529NaylorFoster Care Children: Removal from CustodyChapter 1311
AB 2556CalvoPilot AFDC Work and Training ProgramDead
AB 2635M. WatersFood Stamp Eligibility: Near Employment OfficesFailed
AB 2682ClineAFDC Employment by Private Industry PilotsDead
AB 2749AlatorreAFDC Funding for Unsupervised/Unlicensed Foster CareChapter 1166
AB 2852MelloAdditional Assistance for Foster Care HomesDead
AB 2854RoosLost Welfare WarrantsDead
AB 2886EgelandCalifornia Conservation Corps Foster Youth PilotDropped
AB 2950MooreContracting with Non-Profits: County Eligibility: Food Stamp ReceiptDead
AB 2980AlatorreEmergency Assistance ProgramChapter 1193
AB 3070EgelandParental Rights/Child Background for Prospective Adoptive ParentsChapter 1229
AB 3138HarrisCounty Disclosure of Child Support ReceivedChapter 1207
AB 3133EgelandFoster Children in AFDC Priority for Social ServicesDropped
AB 3288JohnsonAFDC Justification of Low Child SupportVetoed
ACA 75LockyerAFDC Work RequirementFailed
SB 1248CampbellAFDC Cost-of-Living Adjustment RepealDropped
SB 1476GaramendiAFDC Employment and Work Training ProgramChapter 918
SB 1801WilsonAFDC Cost-of-Living Adjustment RepealFailed
SB 1847GreeneaFDC Monthly Eligibility Certificates Only When ChangesFailed

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