1981 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

State Finances
AB 250VasconcellosClean-Up to Budget Follow-UpChapter 133
AB 251VasconcellosBudget Follow-Up BillChapter 102
AB 317LeonardEliminate Statutory Cost-of-Living IncreaseFailed
AB 799LockyerFederal Budget Cut ComplianceTwo-year bill
ACA 46KapiloffPublic School Financing and Tax StructureFailed
SB 29CampbellAbolishes Automatic Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Social Service ProgramsTwo-year bill
SB 30GaramendiAutomatic Grant Adjustments: Elimination of Right for HearingChapter 1
SB 110AlquistThe Budget BillChapter 99
SB 111AlquistBudget Follow-Up BillDropped
SB 840AlquistClean-Up to the Budget BillChapter 169
SCR 1AyalaMaintain SSI/SSP and AFDC Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsDropped

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