1981 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 21VasconcellosSchool District Revenue Limits IncreaseTwo-year bill
AB 61GreeneAdult Education School FinanceChapter 1093
AB 81D. BrownChurch Schools Religious Tax ExemptionChapter 542
AB 159KapiloffSpecial Education Fair HearingsChapter 149
AB 283HartSpecial Education Students Proficiency StandardsTwo-year bill
AB 316NaylorSchool District Contracts with Agencies Leasing PropertyTwo-year bill
AB 399LeonardMoral Standards in TextbooksTwo-year bill
AB 428HartConfidential Information Disclosure to ParentsChapter 1152
AB 519VasconcellosMiller-Unruh Basic Reading ActChapter 543
AB 577HartStudent Leave-of-AbsenceChapter 829
AB 651YoungModel Driver Training ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 757HartTeacher and Aide ProficiencyChapter 1136
AB 766NaylorRenting Vacant Space During School HoursTwo-year bill
AB 772AlatorreProficiency Requirements PostponementFailed
AB 777GreeneSchool Financing ChangesChapter 100
AB 817PapanSpecial Education Attendance CreditChapter 1044
AB 933KapiloffSpecial Education Student Placement StudyChapter 893
AB 998AlatorreEconomic Impact Aid Program AssistanceTwo-year bill
AB 1055FarrSpecial Education Master PlanChapter 972
AB 1154SebastianiMaster Plan for Special Education PostponementDead
AB 1243KapiloffAnti-Social Attitudes and Behavior Pilot ProjectsInterim Study
AB 1315MarguthSchool Violence PunishmentsTwo-year bill
AB 1379ChaconBilingual Teacher Training ProgramsChapter 1169
AB 1382VasconcellosMigrant Education: Parent InvolvementChapter 942
AB 1446MooreProficiency RequirementsChapter 627
AB 1606WrightFunding and Administration of Categorical Programs PilotsTwo-year bill
AB 1652MarguthDiscipline: Restrict Recess TimeChapter 454
AB 1844GreeneAdult Education Block EntitlementFailed
AB 2190StathamCategorical Programs Termination Review DatesTwo-year bill
AB 2225HughesLAUSD Experimental ProgramChapter 1157
SB 10CarpenterSchool Improvement, Economic Impact Aid, and Urban Impact AidTwo-year bill
SB 19CampbellLocal School Board Control of Athletic ActivitiesChapter 1001
SB 38A. GarciaSchool Attendance: Child's ResidenceTwo-year bill
SB 72JohnsonK-12 Special Education Transportation: Community CollegesTwo-year bill
SB 204MaddyInsult or Abuse of School District EmployeesFailed
SB 222CarpenterState and Federal Form StandardizationChapter 469
SB 237GreeneStudent Records: College Students Correct or RemoveTwo-year bill
SB 283GaramendiSchool and Community Drug Prevention ProgramChapter 1002
SB 375DillsModel Driver Training ProgramsTwo-year bill
SB 386StiernCertificate of Bilingual-Crosscultural CompetenceTwo-year bill
SB 389WatsonGenetic Disease Disorders Educational ProgramsChapter 685
SB 424CarpenterMath Education Projects for College StudentsTwo-year bill
SB 429SperawSchool District Revenue Limit Increase for Desegregation PlansTwo-year bill
SB 541EllisState Board Approval of Education MaterialsTwo-year bill
SB 589RainsWarrantless Arrests on School Grounds: RestitutionChapter 566
SB 639SierotySpecial Education Program Deficit FundingChapter 246
SB 697O'KeefeState Department of Education: Sex Education MaterialsTwo-year bill
SB 704O'KeefeProhibition of Student SmokingTwo-year bill
SB 722GreeneLimited-English Speaking and Transient Students: Proficiency and GraduationTwo-year bill
SB 769SierotySpecial Education DeficitChapter 1094
SB 831WatsonFoster Children Services: School DistrictsChapter 721
SB 906DillsMiller-Unruh Basic Reading ActChapter 749
SB 968SierotyCategorical Program Waivers, High School Opportunities ProgramTwo-year bill
SB 1018SierotyAdult Education Funding EqualizationTwo-year bill
SB 1063WatsonAdult Education Apportionments and FindingsTwo-year bill
SB 1085SchmitzSex Education FundingTwo-year bill
SB 1212RobbinsRevenue Limit Increase for Voluntary DesegregationTwo-year bill
SB 1236MarksSan Francisco Teacher and Aides: Remove from Merit SystemTwo-year bill
SCR 38PresleySafety of School Construction Materials and Toxic SubstancesTwo-year bill
SCR 39PresleySafety of School Construction Materials and Toxic SubstancesTwo-year bill
SR 11CarpenterSenate Advisory Committee on Teacher PaperworkTwo-year bill

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