1981 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 5Juvenile JusticeACR 34Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 13Juvenile JusticeAJR 30Other
AB 21EducationAJR 37Public Assistance
AB 22Juvenile JusticeAJR 38Public Assistance
AB 23Juvenile JusticeAJR 39Public Assistance
AB 24OtherAJR 42Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 25Juvenile JusticeAJR 47Other
AB 35Foster Care/AdoptionSB 5Child Custody/Support
AB 42Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 10Child Care &
AB 45Public Assistance
AB 54OtherSB 14Foster Care/Adoption
AB 61Child Care &
SB 19Education
SB 21Child Care
AB 79OtherSB 22Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 81EducationSB 26Other
AB 84Child Custody/SupportSB 29Public Assistance &
State Finances
AB 123Child Custody/Support
AB 129OtherSB 30Public Assistance &
State Finances
AB 130Child Care
AB 131Child CareSB 38Education
AB 143OtherSB 58Other
AB 158Public AssistanceSB 72Education
AB 159EducationSB 93Public Assistance
AB 173Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 100Public Assistance
AB 180Public AssistanceSB 105Juvenile Justice
AB 195Public AssistanceSB 110State Finances
AB 196OtherSB 111State Finances
AB 207OtherSB 126Public Assistance
AB 214Public AssistanceSB 135Other
AB 250State FinancesSB 138Public Assistance
AB 251Child Care &
State Finances
SB 149Juvenile Justice
SB 150Public Assistance
AB 256HousingSB 154Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 267OtherSB 185Foster Care/Adoption &
Public Assistance
AB 283Education
AB 309OtherSB 204Education
AB 312OtherSB 216Other
AB 316EducationSB 222Education
AB 317State FinancesSB 237Education
AB 339Public AssistanceSB 244Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 344Foster Care/AdoptionSB 262Juvenile Justice
AB 358Juvenile JusticeSB 263Juvenile Justice
AB 399EducationSB 264Juvenile Justice
AB 419Juvenile JusticeSB 277Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 428EducationSB 283Education
AB 449Child CareSB 303Juvenile Justice
AB 457Child Abuse/Domestic Violence &
SB 312Juvenile Justice
SB 313Juvenile Justice
AB 473Juvenile JusticeSB 322Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 491Juvenile JusticeSB 331Other
AB 499Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 332Juvenile Justice
AB 511Juvenile JusticeSB 341Other
AB 518Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 356Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 519EducationSB 358Other
AB 544OtherSB 365Child Custody/Support
AB 552Child CareSB 375Education
AB 563Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 386Education
AB 572Foster Care/AdoptionSB 387Juvenile Justice
AB 577EducationSB 389Education
AB 595Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 393Other
AB 603OtherSB 396Juvenile Justice
AB 609Juvenile JusticeSB 404Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 610Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 409Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 625Juvenile JusticeSB 424Education
AB 634Foster Care/Adoption &
Public Assistance
SB 429Education
SB 459Other
AB 635Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 468Other
AB 651EducationSB 490Other
AB 721Public AssistanceSB 491Juvenile Justice
AB 757EducationSB 537Other
AB 766EducationSB 541Education
AB 772EducationSB 586Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 777Child Care &
SB 587Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
SB 588Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 789Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 589Education
AB 799Public Assistance &
State Finances
SB 607Juvenile Justice
SB 608Juvenile Justice
AB 817EducationSB 620Public Assistance
AB 824Public AssistanceSB 633Public Assistance
AB 885Public AssistanceSB 639Education
AB 887OtherSB 658Other
AB 933EducationSB 670Other
AB 939Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 674Juvenile Justice
AB 998EducationSB 685Public Assistance
AB 1022Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 697Education
AB 1028Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 704Education
AB 1055EducationSB 722Education
AB 1104OtherSB 732Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1108Juvenile JusticeSB 750Foster Care/Adoption
AB 1129Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 760Other
AB 1130Child CareSB 761Child Care
AB 1148Juvenile JusticeSB 764Public Assistance
AB 1154EducationSB 769Education
AB 1171Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 776Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 1182Public AssistanceSB 779Child Care
AB 1243EducationSB 800Child Care
AB 1256Public AssistanceSB 818Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1260Public AssistanceSB 831Education &
Foster Care/Adoption
AB 1262Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1302Foster Care/AdoptionSB 834Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1310Foster Care/AdoptionSB 840State Finances
AB 1315EducationSB 859Foster Care/Adoption
AB 1369Child CareSB 893Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1379EducationSB 901Child Care
AB 1382Child Care &
SB 906Education
SB 907Public Assistance
AB 1420OtherSB 913Child Care
AB 1446EducationSB 923Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1452Child CareSB 946Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1456Public AssistanceSB 954Other
AB 1558Child CareSB 957Public Assistance
AB 1606EducationSB 958Public Assistance
AB 1639Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 968Education
AB 1652EducationSB 1010Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1670Child CareSB 1016Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1679Public AssistanceSB 1018Education
AB 1702Juvenile JusticeSB 1019Child Custody/Support
AB 1706Child Custody/SupportSB 1041Other
AB 1733Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 1063Child Care &
AB 1772Other
AB 1789Juvenile JusticeSB 1085Education
AB 1838Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SB 1098Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1844Child Care &
SB 1102Juvenile Justice
SB 1103Juvenile Justice
AB 1882Child CareSB 1104Juvenile Justice
AB 1990Juvenile JusticeSB 1212Education
AB 1991Public AssistanceSB 1231Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
AB 1996Public AssistanceSB 1236Education
AB 2038Juvenile JusticeSB 1270Child Care
AB 2185Public AssistanceSB 1274Child Care
AB 2190Child Care &
SCA 3Other
SCA 4Other
AB 2225EducationSCA 6Other
AB 2284Child Custody/SupportSCA 29Other
AB 2303Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSCR 1Public Assistance &
State Finances
ACA 11Other
ACA 46State FinancesSCR 6Child Care
ACR 1OtherSCR 7Juvenile Justice
ACR 2OtherSCR 38Education
ACR 4OtherSCR 39Education
ACR 9Juvenile JusticeSJR 10Public Assistance
ACR 10Health/Developmentally
Disabled/Mental Health
SR 11Education

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