1981 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance
AB 45VasconcellosAutomatic Cost-of-Living Adjustments: Budget ActionTwo-year bill
AB 158LevineRestore AFDC and SSI/SSP Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsProvisions deleted
AB 180KapiloffRestore Public Assistance Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsDead
AB 195RosenthalRestore SSI/SSP Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsDead
AB 214PapanRestore SSI/SSP Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsTwo-year bill
AB 339BaneFunding to Retain SSI/SSP Benefit LevelsTwo-year bill
AB 634MooreChild Released for Adoption: AFDC-FC EligibilityChapter 619
AB 721MarguthWelfare Overpayment Recovery TimeDead
AB 799LockyerFederal Budget Cut ComplianceTwo-year bill
AB 824ElderSSI/SSP and Blind Additional IncreaseTwo-year bill
AB 885ElderAFDC Payments to Recipients Out of United StatesChapter 755
AB 1182CorteseTraining and Job Placement for AFDC RecipientsChapter 1078
AB 1256WymanTie AFDC and SSI/SSP Grant Increases to State EmployeesTwo-year bill
AB 1260TorresMedi-Cal Provisions in Budget BillChapter 1163
AB 1456LeonardLiability for AFDC OverpaymentsTwo-year bill
AB 1679FarrAFDC Program: Unemployed ParentDead
AB 1991KonnyuPublic Assistance Appeal HearingsTwo-year bill
AB 1996KonnyuReduces AFDC Payments for Unborn ChildrenDead
AB 2185VasconcellosFederal Block Grant Allocation ProcedureChapter 1186
AJR 37KonnyuFood Stamps, AFDC Grants StudyChapter R-62
AJR 38KonnyuAFDC Eligibility: Income of StepparentsDropped
AJR 39KonnyuWelfare and Health Programs: Uniform TreatmentChapter R-83
SB 29CampbellAbolishes Automatic Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Social Service ProgramsTwo-year bill
SB 30GaramendiAutomatic Grant Adjustments: Elimination of Right for HearingChapter 1
SB 93MelloRestore SSI/SSP Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsTwo-year bill
SB 100RainsRestore Public Assistance Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsTwo-year bill
SB 126MelloProvide Food Stamps to SSI/SSP RecipientsTwo-year bill
SB 138MarksRestores Payment Levels for AFDC and SSI/SSPTwo-year bill
SB 150GaramendiReduces Cost-of-Living Adjustments for 1981-82Two-year bill
SB 185GreeneAFDC-Foster Care GrantsTwo-year bill
SB 620NielsenTax and Social Service Check on Welfare RecipientsChapter 703
SB 633Garamendi1981-82 Welfare CompromiseChapter 69
SB 685MelloState County Split of Food Stamp RecoveriesChapter 579
SB 764WatsonMedi-Cal System AlternativesTwo-year bill
SB 907NielsenFair Hearing Rights of Public Assistance RecipientsDead
SB 957GaramendiAFDC Employment and Training ServicesChapter 1080
SB 958GaramendiWork Program for Long-Term AFDC RecipientsChapter 1077
SCR 1AyalaMaintain SSI/SSP and AFDC Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsDropped
SJR 10CarpenterSocial Security Administration District Office: Reissue Lost ChecksTwo-year bill

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