1982 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care
AB 2369LockyerChild Care Fee Schedule RevisionDropped
AB 2595DeddehChild Care Expenses: Income ExclusionChapter 1558
AB 2644BatesFamily Day Care Registration Pilots ExtensionChapter 633
AB 3026KonnyuAFDC Work Experience in Child Care CentersChapter 832
AB 3057FarrChild Care Contributions: Income ExclusionDead
AB 3106M. WatersChild Care Payments: Income ExclusionDropped
AB 3424LockyerJob Training, Placement, Child Care: Private Sector InputChapter 1329
SB 800OkeefeChurch-Related Child Care: Licensing ExemptionDead
SB 913SierotyChild Care Expansion: Cost-of-Living IncreasesChapter 209
SB 1270WatsonLicensed Child Care Centers: Unannounced VisitsFailed
SB 1345SierotySpecial Education: Fee Exemption for Child CareChapter 1201
SB 1664WatsonChild Care Payments: Income ExclusionDropped
SB 1750SierotyOil Severence Tax: Education Cost-of-Living AdjustmentsFailed
SB 1802GaramendiEmployer Child Care PilotsDropped

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