1982 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Custody/Support
AB 1706KapiloffJoint Custody PriorityDropped
AB 2202ImbrechtJoint Physical and Legal Custody PriorityVetoed
AB 2284BermanTrial Date Priority: Child Support and CustodyChapter 550
AB 2377LockyerFoster Care Children: Child Support PaymentsFailed
AB 2635FarrStepparent Visitation RightsChapter 1071
AB 3568MooreChild Custody: Welfare of ChildDropped
AB 3611BatesVisitation Work ReimbursementChapter 292
AB 3658RosenthalStepparent Visitation RightsDropped
AB 3693AgnosChild Support Payment Cost-of-Living AdjustmentDropped
AB 3771RoosSurrogate Parent Contract: Relinquishment of RightsDead
SB 1337WatsonFoster Care Children: Child Support PaymentsChapter 1276
SB 1944SierotyStepparent Visitation RightsDead

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