1982 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 21State FinancesAB 3625Juvenile Justice
AB 79OtherAB 3650Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 256OtherAB 3658Child Custody/Support
AB 283EducationAB 3681Education
AB 365OtherAB 3693Child Custody/Support
AB 419Juvenile JusticeAB 3737Education
AB 491Juvenile JusticeAB 3766Education
AB 562Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped
AB 3771Child Custody/Support
AB 572Foster Care/AdoptionAB 3795Juvenile Justice
AB 799HealthACA 60State Finances
AB 939Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped
ACA 68State Finances
AB 1022HealthACA 69Public Assistance
AB 1253OtherACR 73Health
AB 1702Juvenile JusticeACR 87Education
AB 1706Child Custody/SupportACR 120Education
AB 1733Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceACR 121Other
AB 2038Juvenile JusticeACR 126Education
AB 2130Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped
ACR 130Public Assistance
AB 2174Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceACR 132Education
AB 2190EducationAJR 69Other
AB 2202Child Custody/SupportAJR 78Health
AB 2253EducationAJR 103Education
AB 2284Child Custody/SupportAJR 114Public Assistance
AB 2303Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 14Child Abuse/Domestic Violence &
Foster Care/Adoption
AB 2315Foster Care/Adoption
AB 2328Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 358Other
AB 2333Juvenile JusticeSB 386Education
AB 2357Juvenile JusticeSB 396Juvenile Justice
AB 2360State FinancesSB 537Health &
AB 2361State Finances
AB 2369Child CareSB 587Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2377Child Custody/SupportSB 658Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2384Foster Care/AdoptionSB 732Health
AB 2391EducationSB 800Child Care
AB 2446Juvenile JusticeSB 834Health
AB 2448EducationSB 913Child Care
AB 2449Juvenile JusticeSB 949Other
AB 2455EducationSB 1018Education
AB 2501OtherSB 1063Education
AB 2505State FinancesSB 1270Child Care
AB 2553EducationSB 1278Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2561EducationSB 1278Other
AB 2585OtherSB 1325State Finances
AB 2592OtherSB 1326State Finances
AB 2595Child CareSB 1330Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2634EducationSB 1337Child Custody/Support &
Foster Care/Adoption
AB 2635Child Custody/Support
AB 2639Foster Care/AdoptionSB 1345Child Care &
AB 2644Child Care
AB 2652EducationSB 1356Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 2653HealthSB 1385Education
AB 2684Juvenile JusticeSB 1409Health
AB 2687Juvenile JusticeSB 1478Education
AB 2695Foster Care/AdoptionSB 1535Other
AB 2755EducationSB 1546Education
AB 2775Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped
SB 1596Health
AB 2788Juvenile JusticeSB 1606Public Assistance
AB 2792Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped
SB 1607Public Assistance
AB 2807Public AssistanceSB 1634Public Assistance
AB 2821HealthSB 1646Public Assistance
AB 2858Public AssistanceSB 1652Education
AB 2890Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 1664Child Care
AB 2905Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 1669Health
AB 2936Public AssistanceSB 1685Education
AB 2953Public AssistanceSB 1692Education
AB 2988Juvenile JusticeSB 1701Education
AB 2994Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSB 1712Juvenile Justice
AB 3026Child Care &
Public Assistance
SB 1717State Finances
SB 1728Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped &
AB 3040Foster Care/Adoption
AB 3048OtherSB 1734Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped
AB 3049EducationSB 1746Health
AB 3057Child CareSB 1750Child Care &
AB 3080Education
AB 3094OtherSB 1751Education
AB 3106Child CareSB 1800Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped &
AB 3118Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 3156Juvenile JusticeSB 1802Child Care
AB 3178OtherSB 1805Juvenile Justice
AB 3186OtherSB 1807Health
AB 3212Public AssistanceSB 1841Education
AB 3215HealthSB 1848Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 3230HealthSB 1860Juvenile Justice
AB 3235Foster Care/AdoptionSB 1861Health
AB 3248Juvenile JusticeSB 1882Juvenile Justice
AB 3253EducationSB 1944Child Custody/Support
AB 3266EducationSB 1996Health
AB 3291Juvenile JusticeSB 1997Juvenile Justice
AB 3295OtherSB 1998Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 3298EducationSB 2015Juvenile Justice
AB 3300HealthSB 2016Juvenile Justice
AB 3314OtherSB 2037Other
AB 3340EducationSB 2047Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
AB 3370HealthSB 2060Juvenile Justice
AB 3424Child Care &
Public Assistance
SB 2064Education
SB 2093Health
AB 3441Foster Care/AdoptionSCA 40Education
AB 3454Developmental Disabilities/
Mental Health/Handicapped
SCA 51Other
AB 3472EducationSCR 38Education
AB 3480HealthSCR 75Other
AB 3517Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSJR 47Education
AB 3567Foster Care/AdoptionSJR 48Foster Care/Adoption
AB 3568Child Custody/SupportSJR 49Other
AB 3569Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSJR 51Other
AB 3607Child Abuse/Domestic ViolenceSR 35Education
AB 3611Child Custody/Support

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