1983 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

State Finance
AB 222Vasconcellos1983-84 Budget BillDropped
AB 223VasconcellosBudget Trailer Bill: Child Care Licensing and EmploymentChapter 323
AB 1428W. BrownMajor Tax Reform BillTwo-year bill
AB 1894BatesBudget Review of Tax ExpendituresTwo-year bill
ABX 28Robinson1982-83 Deficit: $600 Million CutsChapter 10X
ABX 36Leonard1982-83 DeficitChapter 12X
SB 123Alquist1983-84 Budget BillChapter 324
SB 124AlquistBudget Trailer BillDropped
SCA 34MarksState Lottery: Budget DeficitTwo-year bill

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