1983 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 70HughesSchool Reform: Mental Health, Migrant FacilitiesChapter 1302
AB 71HughesSan Francisco Court DesegregationFailed
AB 76YoungOil Severance: Daily Attendance FundingTwo-year bill
AB 78YoungOil Severance: Daily Attendance FundingTwo-year bill
AB 258ChaconBilingual Teachers DirectoryChapter 655
AB 259ChaconBilingual Language Competency WaiversChapter 1057
AB 303AllenSnake Bite TrainingChapter 416
AB 536CampbellState Parent Advisory Council on Bilingual EducationVetoed
AB 564MooreQuality assurance Program for Low-Achieving SchoolsTwo-year bill
AB 618BergesonSpecial Education Private Placement: ReimbursementTwo-year bill
AB 803KatzComputer EducationChapter 1133
AB 812M. WatersOpportunity SchoolsDead
AB 921JohnstonRegional Teacher Education and Computer CentersTwo-year bill
AB 984BergesonTransfer Vouchers for Low-Achieving SchoolsTwo-year bill
AB 986BergesonSpecial Education Mediation Conferences: AttorneysTwo-year bill
AB 1001La FolletteKindergarten Teachers: Multiple SessionsDead
AB 1290YoungEducation Revenue LimitsTwo-year bill
AB 1303JohnstonInjury/Possession of Weapons or Drugs: SuspensionDropped
AB 1304JohnstonSummer Session Math and ScienceDropped
AB 1400ChaconLoan Assumptions: Bilingual TeachersTwo-year bill
AB 1401ChaconBilingual Teacher Grant ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 1421BergesonComprehensive Education Reform BillTwo-year bill
AB 1492BergesonTeacher Credentialing Minimum Standards/GuidelinesTwo-year bill
AB 1773PapanSpecial Education ApportionmentInterim Hearing
AB 1847LeonardSchool Reform: Child Care and Preschool TerminationDead
AB 1892FelandoSpecial Education: Low-Incidence DisabilitiesChapter 1099
ACA 6BaneState Lottery: Education FundingTwo-year bill
ACA 9YoungOil Severance: Daily Attendance FundingTwo-year bill
ACA 24CampbellPublic School and Higher Education: FundingTwo-year bill
ACA 44NaylorPublic School FundingDead
ACR 10HughesImproving Pupil Performance in Intermediate/Secondary SchoolsDropped
ACR 14BergesonModel Graduation Requirements/Curriculum StandardsChapter R-18
ACR 51HughesAdopt-A-School: BusinessesTwo-year bill
SB 27DeddehAdult Education Funding DistributionFailed
SB 43NielsonSchool Buses: Use by Non-Profits for Outdoor RecreationChapter 341
SB 83WatsonFoster Children Education ServicesChapter 543
SB 204GaramentiOld Library at San Diego State University RestorationChapter 1294
SB 245SperawSchool Absences: Abortion or ContraceptionTwo-year bill
SB 583TorresDiverse Cultural/Linguistic Backgrounds CourseVetoed
SB 585SeymourSpecial Needs Students Pilot PorjectsTwo-year bill
SB 625StiernLimited English Proficient: Special Education StudentsTwo-year bill
SB 679SeymourSpecial Needs Education ProgramsChapter 922
SB 742TorresSpecial Education Needs AssessmentVetoed
SB 813HartSchool Reform BillChapter 498
SB 1027DoolittlePrivate Juvenile Training Schools LicensingFailed
SB 1086L. GreeneSchool District Incentives for Improved Pupil PerformanceVetoed
SB 1090HartMinor AFDC Recipients: School IncentivesTwo-year bill
SB 1245DavisComprehensive Education Reform BillDead
SCA 17LockyerRight to Public EducationTwo-year bill

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