1983 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 7Child Custody/SupportAB 2101Child Care
AB 10Juvenile JusticeABX 3Other
AB 29OtherABX 28State Finance
AB 70Child Care &
ABX 36State Finance
ABX 40Developmental Disabilities
AB 71Child Care &
ACA 6Education
ACA 9Education
AB 76EducationACA 24Education
AB 78EducationACA 44Education
AB 105HealthACR 6Health
AB 109Child Custody/SupportACR 10Education
AB 214HealthACR 14Education
AB 219Juvenile JusticeACR 19Health
AB 220Child CareACR 42Health
AB 222State FinanceACR 51Education
AB 223Child Care &
State Finance
ACR 56Developmental Disabilities
ACR 58Child Abuse
AB 238Child Custody/SupportACR 65Health
AB 248Public AssistanceAJR 2Other
AB 258EducationAJR 18Public Assistance
AB 259EducationSB 11Other
AB 292Juvenile JusticeSB 14Public Assistance
AB 298Juvenile JusticeSB 27Education
AB 300Child Custody/SupportSB 43Education
AB 303EducationSB 63Public Assistance
AB 313Foster CareSB 73Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 319Juvenile Justice
AB 418Public AssistanceSB 83Education
AB 442Juvenile JusticeSB 85Child Abuse
AB 448Public AssistanceSB 99Foster Care
AB 469Child Custody/SupportSB 104Juvenile Justice
AB 491Child AbuseSB 123Child Care &
State Finance
AB 536Education
AB 564EducationSB 124State Finance
AB 595Child AbuseSB 125Child Care
AB 607Child AbuseSB 139Public Assistance
AB 618EducationSB 163Child Care
AB 624Juvenile JusticeSB 178Public Assistance
AB 649AdoptionSB 202Child Abuse
AB 688OtherSB 204Education
AB 694Child CareSB 205Child Abuse
AB 759Foster CareSB 227Public Assistance
AB 787Child AbuseSB 235Child Custody/Support
AB 789Public AssistanceSB 245Education
AB 803EducationSB 304Child Custody/Support
AB 812EducationSB 307Public Assistance
AB 821Child CareSB 337Child Custody/Support
AB 829Child Care &
Developmental Disabilities
SB 359Other
SB 371Child Abuse
AB 835Child Custody/SupportSB 390Developmental Disabilities
AB 842Juvenile JusticeSB 410Health
AB 846Juvenile JusticeSB 451Child Custody/Support
AB 861Public AssistanceSB 452Child Custody/Support
AB 879Juvenile JusticeSB 463Other
AB 921EducationSB 465Foster Care
AB 984EducationSB 480Public Assistance
AB 986EducationSB 500Juvenile Justice
AB 997Developmental DisabilitiesSB 503Child Care
AB 1001EducationSB 583Education
AB 1038Juvenile JusticeSB 585Education
AB 1111OtherSB 625Education
AB 1147Child AbuseSB 644Other
AB 1148Child Custody/SupportSB 670Child Custody/Support
AB 1162Child CareSB 679Education
AB 1163Child CareSB 695Juvenile Justice
AB 1203HealthSB 697Adoption
AB 1240Juvenile JusticeSB 738Health
AB 1290EducationSB 742Education
AB 1303EducationSB 811Child Care
AB 1304EducationSB 813Child Care &
AB 1356Other
AB 1363Public AssistanceSB 822Juvenile Justice
AB 1400EducationSB 863Other
AB 1401EducationSB 875Health
AB 1411Child CareSB 946Other
AB 1418Juvenile JusticeSB 947Other
AB 1421EducationSB 962Public Assistance
AB 1428State FinanceSB 968Child Abuse
AB 1492EducationSB 974Child Care
AB 1495Child Custody/SupportSB 987Developmental Disabilities
AB 1527Child Custody/SupportSB 1017Child Care
AB 1528Child Custody/SupportSB 1023Child Care
AB 1529Child Custody/SupportSB 1024Child Care
AB 1531Child Custody/SupportSB 1027Education
AB 1550Child Custody/SupportSB 1070Health
AB 1562Child AbuseSB 1086Education
AB 1569Developmental DisabilitiesSB 1090Education
AB 1652Child CareSB 1092Developmental Disabilities
AB 1726HealthSB 1093Child Custody/Support
AB 1729Public AssistanceSB 1095Child Care
AB 1733Public AssistanceSB 1102Juvenile Justice
AB 1745HealthSB 1112Developmental Disabilities
AB 1760Child AbuseSB 1117Health
AB 1762Child Custody/SupportSB 1160Juvenile Justice
AB 1773EducationSB 1165Child Care
AB 1846Foster CareSB 1213Child Custody/Support
AB 1847Child Care &
SB 1225Child Care
SB 1245Education
AB 1892EducationSCA 1Other
AB 1894State FinanceSCA 17Education
AB 1927Child AbuseSCA 34State Finance
AB 1934Child CareSCR 1Other
AB 2096AdoptionSCR 10Health
AB 2100Child CareSJR 27Other

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