1984 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care
AB 220FilanteChild Development Programs: Parenting ServicesVetoed
AB 469CampbellPark and Recreation Program ExemptionChapter 1486
AB 1934PapanChildren's Services advisory CommitteeVetoed
AB 2100FarrDepartment of Children's ServicesVetoed
AB 2317Hannigan/La FolletteChild Care Tax CreditVetoed
AB 2430La FolletteChild Care Tax CreditDropped
AB 2443M. WatersChild Abuse Prevention Training ActChapter 1638
AB 2466ChaconStudent AFDC Recipients: WIN ExemptionChapter 1315
AB 2514BatesChild Care and Employment ActChapter 1602
AB 2531MoreChild Rearing LeaveInterim Study
AB 2746GogginChild Care Facilities Inspectors: Child Abuse ReportingChapter 1487
AB 2781ClutePalo Verde Community College Child Care FacilityVetoed
AB 2850M. WatersChild Nutrition FundingDropped
AB 3005TuckerChronically or Terminally Ill Child Care PilotChapter 1473
AB 3031VasconcellosParenting Education CurriculaChapter 1619
AB 3134MolinaClear Children's Center PermitsDead
AB 3138StathamResource and Referral Expansion, Child Care COLA IncreaseChapter 1603
AB 3197FrazeeLicensing FeesFailed
AB 3225MolinaAdolescent Family Life Act FundingVetoed
AB 3337MooreState Meal Funding IncreaseVetoed
AB 3492ChaconChild Care Advisory Board: Employer Supported CareDropped
AB 3745BatesCounty Departments of Children's ServicesVetoed
AB 3746BatesAFDC: Work-Related Child Care ExpensesVetoed
AB 3750BatesChild Care Direct service ContractsChapter 1440
AB 3757HughesChild Development AuditsChapter 482
AB 3794KilleaChild Care for Workfare ParticipantsDropped
AB 3845ConditAFDC: Community Work Assistance ProgramsDropped
AB 3924McClintockFamily Day Care Insurance RequirementChapter 1031
AB 3929HughesFree/Reduced Price Meals DiscriminationChapter 830
AB 3963MojonnierDependent Children Single Mother's Job Skill Training ActDropped
AB 3975PeaceBiannual Visits to Child Care CentersDropped
SB 786HartSchool Reform FundingVetoed
SB 946PresleyWooden Playground Equipment ChemicalsChapter 662
SB 1023MontoyaChildren's Center PermitsChapter 79
SB 1128HartCategorical Programs COLA IncreaseVetoed
SB 1139DillsState Employees Child Care FundChapter 676
SB 1335RichardsonChurch-Related Child Care Licensing ExemptionFailed
SB 1407JohnsonBabysitting or Domestic Employment: Interview and InvestigationChapter 324
SB 1453HartInfant and Toddler Protection ActVetoed
SB 1555HartAdolescent Family Life ActVetoed
SB 1588WatsonChild Development Division administrationChapter 1716
SB 1616Davis/PresleyParenting Education ProgramsVetoed
SB 1620TorresLatchkey Program RegulationVetoed
SB 1674RosenthalUnderfunded Child Care and Preschool ProgramsChapter 1604
SB 1717RobertiExtended Day Care Services Act FundingVetoed
SB 1718HartExtended Day Care Services ActVetoed
SB 1754TorresChild Care LicensingChapter 1615
SB 1858TorresCategory Program Sunset ExtensionChapter 1318
SB 2006WatsonState Employee Child CareDropped
SB 2054WatsonFire Safety Standards for Family Day CareDropped
SB 2097LockyerChildren's Insurance FundDropped
SB 2106RichardsonCompliance Audit of State PreschoolFailed
SB 2241SeymourChild Care Tax CreditDropped
SB 2256MarksChild Care Trust FundsFailed
SB 2261MarksSick Leave: Care for ChildrenDropped

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