1984 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Abuse
AB 1562VicenciaIn-Home Care PilotsChapter 1618
AB 1927CostaNon-Medical Mandatory ReportersDropped
AB 2323KlehsChild Abuse Statute of LimitationsDead
AB 2443M. WatersChild Abuse Prevention Training ActChapter 1638
AB 2696KlehsCourt Conciliator Domestic Violence TrainingChapter 792
AB 2697KlehsCustody: History of Child AbuseChapter 1679
AB 2698KlehsChild Abuse: School Notification of PoliceChapter 1712
AB 2699KlehsSchool Staff Development Training in Child AbuseVetoed
AB 2700KilleaChild Abuser Counseling or Parenting EducationChapter 215
AB 2701KilleaCounseling and Parenting Education for Abused Children and FamiliesChapter 162
AB 2702DavisChild Abuse ReportingChapter 1170
AB 2703SherSevere Abuse: Immediate Permanent Placement PlanningChapter 1246
AB 2704VicenciaAffirmative Duty to ReportInterim Study
AB 2705VicenciaEmotional Trauma: Victim Restitution FundChapter 974
AB 2706VicenciaSexual abuse DefinitionDropped
AB 2707VicenciaLos Angeles Department of Children's ServicesChapter 434
AB 2708VicenciaChild Protective agency Access to Court RecordsChapter 1370
AB 2709VicenciaChild Abuse Central Registry AutomationChapter 1613
AB 2710CluteMandatory Reporters: New EmployeesChapter 1718
AB 2712BatesJoint Counseling/Parenting EducationChapter 867
AB 3291CalderonRestraining LawsChapter 402
AB 3320BatesExclusion OrdersChapter 439
AB 3511ConditKidnapping/Lewd Act Increased PenaltyDropped
AB 3610PapanChild Abuse and Neglect FundingVetoed
AB 3646VasconcellosCommunity Violence Prevention and Conflict ResolutionChapter 1709
AB 3684VasconcellosChild Sexual Abuse Prevention Training CentersChapter 1664
AB 3831ConditChild Sexual Abuser CounselingChapter 1660
AB 3840MojonnierChild Abuse Victim TestimonyChapter 401
AB 3841MojonnierChild Sexual Abuser CounselingInterim Study
AB 3854VasconcellosCommunity Conflict Resolution Training and AssistanceVetoed
ACR 105HauserYear of Prevention and Elimination of Child Abuse, Neglect, and Sexual AssaultChapter R-81
ACR 114VicenciaChild Abuse Prevention MonthChapter R-29
SB 695McCorquodaleRefusal to Provide ShelterChapter 1616
SB 968RichardsonSexual Conduct: Pictures of MinorsChapter 1489
SB 1292PresleyCustody During Marriage DissolutionChapter 109
SB 1293PresleyOut-of-Home PlacementChapter 1608
SB 1364PresleyMarriage License Fees: Domestic Violence CentersChapter 112
SB 1453HartInfant and Toddler Protection ActVetoed
SB 1472WatsonDomestic Violence TrainingChapter 1609
SB 1526RoyceChild Abuse and Community Care Facilities Advisory CommitteesChapter 1143
SB 1536RussellTherapist Reporting ExemptionFailed
SB 1578KeeneChild Sexual Abuse: Out-of-Court StatementsChapter 1421
SB 1678McCorquodaleSexual Assault Victim Refusal to TestifyChapter 1644
SB 1899WatsonChild Abuse ExpansionChapter 1423
SB 2007WatsonRights of Child Abuse VictimsDropped
SB 2118PresleyChild abuse Investigation ImmunityChapter 1703
SB 2124MarksChild Abuse Prevention Coordinating CouncilsDropped
SB 2281DeddehNewborn Infant Protection ActInterim Study

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