1984 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Education/Bilingual Education/Special Education
AB 1773PapanHandicapped and High-Risk Infants ActVetoed
AB 2581BradleyFirst Grade Dyslexia ScreeningDropped
AB 2841FelandoPilot Awareness Program of Exceptional NeedsChapter 1677
AB 2854AreiasSpecial Education Transportation DeficitVetoed
AB 2989BatesPrivate Schools: Criminal Record SummariesChapter 1088
AB 3007MountjoyPrivate Schools: Exceptional Needs Cost AnalysisChapter 1717
AB 3031VasconcellosParenting Education CurriculaChapter 1619
AB 3287MolinaSchool Dropout Data Collection ActVetoed
AB 3581AlatorreFair Education Testing Practices ActDropped
AB 3754HughesSchool Improvement PlansVetoed
AB 3777ChaconBilingual/Cross-Cultural Credential WaiversChapter 1204
AB 3778ChaconImpacted Languages actChapter 1364
AB 3995AlatorreLow-Achieving Language Minority YouthVetoed
ACR 121ClutePhysical Education AvailabilityChapter R-83
ACR 152VasconcellosConflict Resolution Learning ProgramsChapter R-173
SB 786HartSchool Reform FundingVetoed
SB 1024MontoyaECE Special Education Credential RequirementsDropped
SB 1609GaramendiCalifornia State Summer School for the ArtsVetoed
SB 1616Davis/PresleyParenting Education ProgramsVetoed
SB 1628DillsReading SpecialistsDead
SB 1858TorresCategory Program Sunset ExtensionChapter 1318
SB 1901WatsonEarly Intervention for School SuccessVetoed
SB 1992RobbinsRacial Segregation Program ReimbursementChapter 418
SB 2039RobertiIntergenerational Education ProgramsChapter 1592
SB 2181TorresPilot Education Clinics for DropoutsVetoed
SB 2213HartHigh School Community Service ProgramsVetoed
SCR 83PresleyAbducted/Runaway Reduction PilotsChapter R-76

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