1984 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 3OtherAB 3777Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 105NutritionAB 3778Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 220Child CareAB 3779Health/Mental Health
AB 274OtherAB 3794Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 469Child Care &
Community Care Facilities/Licensing
AB 3801Child Custody/Adoption
AB 829Developmental Disabilities &
Foster Care
AB 3831Child Abuse
AB 3832Other
AB 861Public AssistanceAB 3836Juvenile Justice
AB 1229Foster CareAB 3840Child Abuse
AB 1527Child SupportAB 3841Child Abuse
AB 1562Child AbuseAB 3845Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 1630Public Assistance
AB 1681Child SupportAB 3854Child Abuse
AB 1689Child SupportAB 3906Community Care Facilities/Licensing
AB 1737Public AssistanceAB 3911Developmental Disabilities
AB 1773Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3920Health/Mental Health
AB 1894OtherAB 3921Health/Mental Health
AB 1927Child AbuseAB 3924Child Care &
Community Care Facilities/Licensing
AB 1934Child Care
AB 2100Child CareAB 3929Child Care &
AB 2171Public Assistance
AB 2313State FinanceAB 3963Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 2317Child Care
AB 2323Child AbuseAB 3975Child Care &
Foster Care
AB 2381Health/Mental Health
AB 2430Child CareAB 3995Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 2443Child Abuse &
Child Care
AB 4023Health/Mental Health
ACR 105Child Abuse
AB 2445OtherACR 114Child Abuse
AB 2450Health/Mental HealthACR 121Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 2466Child Care &
Public Assistance
ACR 152Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AJR 131Nutrition
AB 2470Foster Care &
Public Assistance
SB 74Foster Care
SB 144Public Assistance
AB 2508Public AssistanceSB 235Child Custody/Adoption
AB 2514Child CareSB 487Public Assistance
AB 2531Child CareSB 695Child Abuse
AB 2580OtherSB 786Child Care &
Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 2581Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 2582Developmental DisabilitiesSB 946Child Care
AB 2650Child SupportSB 950Health/Mental Health
AB 2696Child AbuseSB 968Child Abuse
AB 2697Child Abuse &
Child Custody/Adoption
SB 989Health/Mental Health
SB 1023Child Care
AB 2698Child AbuseSB 1024Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 2699Child AbuseSB 1103Foster Care
AB 2700Child AbuseSB 1112Developmental Disabilities
AB 2701Child AbuseSB 1128Child Care
AB 2702Child AbuseSB 1139Child Care
AB 2703Child Abuse &
Child Custody/Adoption
SB 1292Child Abuse
SB 1293Child Abuse
AB 2704Child AbuseSB 1335Child Care &
Community Care Facilities/Licensing
AB 2705Child Abuse
AB 2706Child AbuseSB 1364Child Abuse
AB 2707Child Abuse &
SB 1379State Finance
SB 1407Child Care
AB 2708Child AbuseSB 1428Nutrition
AB 2709Child AbuseSB 1429Nutrition
AB 2710Child AbuseSB 1430Nutrition
AB 2711Health/Mental HealthSB 1431Nutrition
AB 2712Child AbuseSB 1442Public Assistance
AB 2740Juvenile JusticeSB 1453Child Abuse &
Child Care
AB 2746Child Care
AB 2756Juvenile JusticeSB 1472Child Abuse
AB 2761Juvenile JusticeSB 1482Other
AB 2781Child CareSB 1526Child Abuse
AB 2832Child Custody/AdoptionSB 1531Child Custody/Adoption
AB 2841Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 1532Public Assistance
AB 2849Child SupportSB 1536Child Abuse
AB 2850Child CareSB 1555Child Care
AB 2852Foster CareSB 1578Child Abuse
AB 2854Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 1581Other
AB 2880Foster CareSB 1588Child Care
AB 2937Health/Mental HealthSB 1600Community Care Facilities/Licensing
AB 2944Public AssistanceSB 1609Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 2945Health/Mental Health &
Juvenile Justice
SB 1616Child Care &
Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 2989Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 1620Child Care
AB 2991NutritionSB 1628Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3005Child Care &
Health/Mental Health
SB 1674Child Care
SB 1678Child Abuse
AB 3007Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 1717Child Care
AB 3021Health/Mental HealthSB 1718Child Care
AB 3031Child Care &
Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 1732Juvenile Justice
SB 1754Child Care &
Community Care Facilities/Licensing
AB 3033Health/Mental Health
AB 3054Developmental DisabilitiesSB 1858Child Care &
Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3075Juvenile Justice
AB 3077Public AssistanceSB 1899Child Abuse
AB 3123Child SupportSB 1901Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3134Child CareSB 1912Child Custody/Adoption
AB 3138Child CareSB 1977Health/Mental Health
AB 3197Child Care &
Community Care Facilities/Licensing
SB 1992Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 2002Public Assistance
AB 3225Child CareSB 2003Foster Care
AB 3227OtherSB 2006Child Care
AB 3252Community Care Facilities/LicensingSB 2007Child Abuse
AB 3254Juvenile JusticeSB 2018Public Assistance
AB 3266Health/Mental HealthSB 2039Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3287Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 2054Child Care
AB 3291Child AbuseSB 2097Child Care
AB 3306Juvenile JusticeSB 2106Child Care
AB 3320Child AbuseSB 2118Child Abuse
AB 3337Child Care &
SB 2122Foster Care
SB 2123Child Custody/Adoption
AB 3474Community Care Facilities/LicensingSB 2124Child Abuse
AB 3492Child CareSB 2171Foster Care
AB 3494OtherSB 2181Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3511Child AbuseSB 2202Foster Care
AB 3581Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SB 2213Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3586Community Care Facilities/LicensingSB 2241Child Care
AB 3610Child AbuseSB 2242Health/Mental Health
AB 3632Developmental DisabilitiesSB 2255Other
AB 3642OtherSB 2256Child Care
AB 3646Child AbuseSB 2261Child Care
AB 3684Child AbuseSB 2275Public Assistance
AB 3745Child CareSB 2281Child Abuse
AB 3746Child Care &
Public Assistance
SCR 33Health/Mental Health
SCR 49Nutrition
AB 3750Child CareSCR 83Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
AB 3754Education/Bilingual Education/
Special Education
SJR 27Other
AB 3757Child CareSJR 49Public Assistance
AB 3770Other

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