1984 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 3BatesOil Severance TaxFailed
AB 274M. WatersPregnancy/Childbirth LeaveVetoed
AB 1894BatesTax Improvement ActVetoed
AB 2445FarrFamily Mediation Research and ProgramsChapter 893
AB 2580BradleyMigrant Farm Labor Camp CentersChapter 1689
AB 2707VicenciaLos Angeles Department of Children's ServicesChapter 434
AB 3227MolinaWomen/Minorities: Job Training Partnership ActChapter 1161
AB 3494ChaconLow to Moderate-Income HousingVetoed
AB 3642VasconcellosAlternative Birthing Methods StudyChapter 1645
AB 3770ChaconNeighborhood Revitalization Grant FundVetoed
AB 3832NaylorCounty Emergency Family Needs and Housing Assistance FundVetoed
SB 1482LockyerPrivate Industry Councils: Conflict of InterestChapter 1032
SB 1581PetrisFarm Labor Housing Rehabilitation LoanVetoed
SB 2255MarksWomen's Services PilotFailed
SJR 27KeeneIndian Child Welfare ActChapter R-17

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