1985 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care
AB 55W. BrownThe Baby BillChapter 1364
AB 66HanniganChild Care Tax CreditChapter 1421
AB 84MooreBreakfast and Lunch Rate Increase: Schools and Child CareChapter 1100
AB 127HanniganFamily Child Care Tax StatusChapter 159
AB 149HarrisLicensing Fees for Community Care FacilitiesChild care provisions deleted
AB 202WymanLicensing Fees for Community Care FacilitiesChild care provisions deleted
AB 466AgnosChild Care Facility: Parent InspectionChapter 707
AB 505LeonardChild Care Licensing: Child Abuse Central RegistryChapter 1598
AB 635HughesAdult Child Care Training ProjectTwo-year bill
AB 644JohnsonChild Abuse or Neglect: Closing Child Care FacilityChapter 726
AB 762MooreChild Sexual Abuse: Child Care ProvidersChapter 1010
AB 929AllenFamily Child Care Home InsuranceChapter 1362
AB 1007HaydenDeveloper Fees: Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 1024O'ConnellTidelands Oil Funds for School-Age Start-up and Relocatable Child Care FacilitiesChapter 1440
AB 1177HaydenCommunity College Child Care Center ConstructionChapter 843
AB 1308KilleaCooperative Agencies Resources for Education Child Care FundingTwo-year bill
AB 1515PapanComplaint Inspection TimelineTwo-year bill
AB 1523O'ConnellFamily Child Care: Additional School-Age ChildrenInterim study
AB 1524WrightEligibility for Subsidized Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 1697CalderonMigrant and Preschool ProgramsChapter 1278
AB 1848DavisChild Care Capital Outlay FundVetoed
AB 1906McClintockVentura Community College Child Care CenterChapter 843
AB 1914StirlingSchool-Age Child Care Start-Up GrantsFunding provided in AB 1024
AB 1939WrightStart-Up Employer Child Care Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 2071AllenInterdistrict Transfers: Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 2072AllenInnovative School-Age Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 2090FarrSanta Cruz Alternative Payment ProgramDropped
AB 2102AllenExempt Extended Day Care ProgramsChapter 1444
AB 2107BradleyUnannounced Visits: Family Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 2152KlehsExperimental Intergenerational Child CareVetoed
AB 2175La FolletteChild Care Initiative ProjectChapter 1299
AB 2337AgnosChild Abuse Reporting: Child CareChapter 1367
AB 2413FilanteParent Services: Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 2435AgnosContract Classification SystemChapter 687
AB 2501FelandoChild Care: Department of Social Services AdministrationInterim study
AB 2580Konnyu-AgnosGAIN ProposalChapter 1025
ACR 6PeaceCapitol Child Care Center StudyChapter R-21
SB 43SeymourIncrease Child Care Tax CreditDead
SB 84TorresCriminal Records Clearance TransferChapter 1064
SB 303RobertiSchool-Age Community Child Care Services ActChapter 1026
SB 339SeymourExpedited Fingerprinting Process: Community Care FacilitiesChapter 486
SB 387SeymourLicensing Violation: Civil PenaltiesChapter 1110
SB 566BergesonBond Funding for Private Child Care FacilitiesTwo-year bill
SB 578DillsState Employee Child Care FundChapter 236
SB 672WatsonState Employee PriorityChapter 1185
SB 711WatsonChild Care Facilities BondTwo-year bill
SB 833WatsonState Employee Child CareTwo-year bill
SB 862McCorquodaleChild Care Providers Health Care TrainingChapter 1581
SB 864HartEmployer Child Care Tax CreditVetoed
SB 893SeymourChild Care Providers: Release of Parent Information with Suspected AbuseChapter 811
SB 894SeymourAnnual Unannounced Visits to Family Child CareDropped
SB 895SeymourFamily Child Care: 24-Hour Notice RequirementDropped
SB 915B. GreeneCalifornia Health Facility Authority Loans for Child CareChapter 829
SB 1029LockyerEmployer-Sponsored Child Care FundVetoed
SB 1062LockyerCivil Penalties for Unlicensed Child Care CentersChapter 1402
SB 1064SeymourFamily Child Care Liability LimitsChapter 1363
SB 1133BergesonSchool Facilities Bond (includes Child Care)Two-year bill
SB 1306WatsonChild Abuse Guidelines for Out-of-Home CareChapter 1528
SB 1378MarksChild Care Carryover FundsVetoed
SB 1379MarksChildren's Doctors and Temporary Suspension NoticeChapter 1312
SB 1387WatsonSchool District Child Care ContractingTwo-year bill
SB 1448RosenthalChild Care Statutory Cost-of-Living AdjustmentTwo-year bill
SB 1474SeymourJoint Underwriting Association for Liability InsurersTwo-year bill

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