1985 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Education & Special Education
AB 75HughesLottery Fund AllocationProvisions deleted
AB 114PapanEarly Intervention Services ActChapter 26
AB 182JohnstonIncreased School Funding: Migrant Housing ProjectChapter 845
AB 220ConditFingerprint Program for KindergartenersChapter 459
AB 251VicenciaParent Development CentersTwo-year bill
AB 336M. WatersParent Involvement and Education ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 406AllenProtection of Pupils Rights ActTwo-year bill
AB 456PapanSpecial Education Demonstration ProjectsChapter 795
AB 657JohnstonInsturctional Improvement Grant EligibilityChapter 642
AB 972BradleyKindergarteners: Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia ScreeningChapter 1376
AB 1245ChaconBilingual Instructional Materials ClearinghouseTwo-year bill
AB 1246ChaconLanguage Development Specialist CertificationChapter 1051
AB 1247ChaconBilingual/Cross-Cultural Teacher Waiver ExtensionsFailed
AB 1369FrizzelleWarrantless Searches of PupilsDropped
AB 1535MooreJoint Task Force on HyperactivityChapter 1216
AB 1617FarrCorporal Punishment: Board of Education ApprovalTwo-year bill
AB 1649LeonardDiscipline PolicyTwo-year bill
AB 1777AreiasInfectious Diseases in School-Age Children StudyChapter 1371
AB 1928HughesSchool FinanceTwo-year bill
AB 2073AllenAdult Education ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 2292D. BrownSpecial English Instruction ProgramsDead
AB 2454MolinaDropout PreventionVetoed
AB 2557PapanSpecial Education: Expanded ServicesChapter 115
AB 2569O'ConnellKindergarten Entrance AgeTwo-year bill
ACR 35KlehsYear to Solve California Dropout ProblemsChapter R-111
SB 65TorresAlternative Education/Work Centers for DropoutsChapter 1431
SB 333DillsUse of Lottery RevenuesChapter 1517
SB 386SeymourParenting education ProgramsVetoed
SB 708MontoyaImpact of CBEST StudyVetoed
SB 1151McCorquodaleAdolescent Parent Education Opportunity ActVetoed
SB 1256WatsonEarly Intervention for School SuccessChapter 1530
SB 1418BergesonComprehensive Testing System StudyProvisions deleted

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