1985 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 9Child AbuseAB 2107Child Care
AB 21Child AbuseAB 2122Child Abuse
AB 23OtherAB 2144Health & Mental Health
AB 30Child AbuseAB 2152Child Care
AB 31Child AbuseAB 2175Child Care
AB 32Child AbuseAB 2195Child Abuse
AB 33Child AbuseAB 2255Health & Mental Health
AB 34Child AbuseAB 2265Health & Mental Health
AB 47Child AbuseAB 2292Education & Special Education
AB 55Child CareAB 2300Child Support
AB 66Child CareAB 2301Child Support
AB 75Education & Special EducationAB 2303Child Support
AB 84Child Care &
AB 2304Child Support
AB 2305Child Support
AB 109Foster CareAB 2306Child Support
AB 114Education & Special EducationAB 2307Child Support
AB 127Child CareAB 2308Child Support
AB 141Child AbuseAB 2309Child Support
AB 147Child AbuseAB 2312Adoption/Custody
AB 149Child CareAB 2318Child Abuse
AB 173Child AbuseAB 2319Child Abuse
AB 182Education & Special EducationAB 2333Public Assistance
AB 202Child CareAB 2337Child Abuse &
Child Care
AB 213Public Assistance
AB 220Education & Special EducationAB 2338Adoption/Custody
AB 221Public AssistanceAB 2413Child Care
AB 224Child AbuseAB 2415Adoption/Custody
AB 225Child AbuseAB 2435Child Care
AB 250Child SupportAB 2454Education & Special Education
AB 251Education & Special EducationAB 2459Child Abuse
AB 274OtherAB 2460Child Abuse
AB 282Child AbuseAB 2501Child Care
AB 327Child AbuseAB 2507Child Abuse
AB 336Education & Special EducationAB 2512Child Abuse
AB 344Child AbuseAB 2514Child Abuse
AB 350Child SupportAB 2541Health & Mental Health
AB 366Child AbuseAB 2557Education & Special Education
AB 370Child AbuseAB 2569Education & Special Education
AB 388Child AbuseAB 2580Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 406Education & Special Education
AB 424Health & Mental HealthACR 6Child Care
AB 442Child AbuseACR 9Child Abuse
AB 445Child AbuseACR 20Other
AB 446Child AbuseACR 34Child Abuse
AB 454Foster CareACR 35Education & Special Education
AB 456Education & Special EducationSB 15Public Assistance
AB 466Child Abuse &
Child Care
SB 43Child Care
SB 46Child Abuse
AB 473Child AbuseSB 65Education & Special Education
AB 505Child Abuse &
Child Care
SB 84Child Care
SB 111Health & Mental Health
AB 509NutritionSB 135Child Abuse
AB 537Child AbuseSB 168Adoption/Custody
AB 540OtherSB 203Public Assistance
AB 573Child AbuseSB 231Child Support
AB 576NutritionSB 241Child Abuse
AB 606Child AbuseSB 254Child Abuse
AB 613OtherSB 272Child Abuse
AB 635Child CareSB 301Child Abuse
AB 644Child CareSB 303Child Care
AB 657Education & Special EducationSB 309Child Abuse
AB 701Child AbuseSB 333Education & Special Education
AB 762Child Abuse &
Child Care
SB 339Child Abuse &
Child Care
AB 912Child AbuseSB 352Child Abuse
AB 929Child CareSB 386Education & Special Education
AB 936Foster CareSB 387Child Care
AB 972Education & Special EducationSB 391Child Abuse
AB 978Child AbuseSB 422Adoption/Custody
AB 1007Child CareSB 466Public Assistance
AB 1019OtherSB 476Child Support
AB 1024Child CareSB 480Adoption/Custody
AB 1076Foster CareSB 498Child Abuse
AB 1172Developmental DisabilitiesSB 538Public Assistance
AB 1177Child CareSB 566Child Care
AB 1178Developmental DisabilitiesSB 578Child Care
AB 1184Juvenile JusticeSB 672Child Care
AB 1185Public AssistanceSB 694Health & Mental Health
AB 1198Health & Mental HealthSB 708Education & Special Education
AB 1208Child AbuseSB 711Child Care
AB 1245Education & Special EducationSB 736Juvenile Justice
AB 1246Education & Special EducationSB 754Nutrition
AB 1247Education & Special EducationSB 755Public Assistance
AB 1265Juvenile JusticeSB 757Child Abuse
AB 1303Public AssistanceSB 833Child Care
AB 1308Child Care &
Public Assistance
SB 851Developmental Disabilities
SB 862Child Care
AB 1336Health & Mental HealthSB 863Public Assistance
AB 1369Education & Special EducationSB 864Child Care
AB 1445Child AbuseSB 866Health & Mental Health
AB 1502Child AbuseSB 881Juvenile Justice
AB 1515Child CareSB 888Juvenile Justice
AB 1523Child CareSB 890Juvenile Justice
AB 1524Child CareSB 893Child Abuse &
Child Care
AB 1535Education & Special Education
AB 1596Juvenile JusticeSB 894Child Care
AB 1617Education & Special EducationSB 895Child Care
AB 1643Child AbuseSB 915Child Care
AB 1649Education & Special EducationSB 987Child Abuse
AB 1697Child CareSB 995Public Assistance
AB 1707OtherSB 1029Child Care
AB 1716Child AbuseSB 1062Child Care
AB 1777Education & Special EducationSB 1064Child Care
AB 1780Child AbuseSB 1078Foster Care
AB 1781Child AbuseSB 1133Child Care
AB 1798Child AbuseSB 1151Education & Special Education
AB 1840Child AbuseSB 1159Foster Care
AB 1848Child CareSB 1178Nutrition
AB 1906Child CareSB 1179Nutrition
AB 1914Child CareSB 1205Public Assistance
AB 1928Education & Special EducationSB 1256Education & Special Education
AB 1939Child CareSB 1266Health & Mental Health
AB 1943Foster CareSB 1276Juvenile Justice
AB 1950Health & Mental HealthSB 1306Child Abuse &
Child Care
AB 1974Other
AB 1976Child AbuseSB 1331Child Abuse
AB 1977Child AbuseSB 1337Developmental Disabilities
AB 1980Child AbuseSB 1358Child Abuse
AB 1981Child AbuseSB 1378Child Care
AB 1985Child AbuseSB 1379Child Care
AB 1988Child AbuseSB 1387Child Care
AB 1999Child AbuseSB 1418Education & Special Education
AB 2006Child AbuseSB 1448Child Care
AB 2014Child AbuseSB 1466Other
AB 2071Child CareSB 1474Child Care
AB 2072Child CareSCR 2Other
AB 2073Education & Special EducationSCR 15Child Abuse
AB 2090Child CareSCR 23Child Abuse
AB 2102Child Care

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