1986 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care
AB 251VicenciaParent DevelopmentDead
AB 635HughesChild Care Insurance Task ForceChapter 1323
AB 1524WrightEligibility for Child Care: Two Parent FamiliesDropped
AB 1531BatesChild Care Employment FundsAmended into AB 4131
AB 2071AllenInterdistrict TransfersChapter 172
AB 2413FilanteParent ServicesDead
AB 2445La FolletteFingerprintsChapter 927
AB 2658RobinsonID BondsChapter 1296
AB 2774M. WatersLottery FundsFailed
AB 2837LeonardChild Care Reps Removed from PICsChild care provisions deleted
AB 3099O'ConnellStatutory COLA for Categoricals, Including Child CareDead
AB 3109JohnstonPalo Verde Community CollegeChapter 1257
AB 3179La FolletteSchool-Age Children in Family Day CareInterim Study
AB 3330M. WatersDevelopmental PrekindergartensDead
AB 3421HanniganClassrooms for Exceptional Needs ChildrenChapter 576
AB 3572HaydenCommunity Facilities Districts & School LandVetoed
AB 3608AgnosParental Requests for Checks on In-Home ProvidersChapter 1496
AB 3619HauserLate State Payments to Nonprofit Child Care CentersChapter 1300
AB 3656VasconcellosParent education directoriesVetoed
AB 3696BatesFunding Terms & ConditionsFailed
AB 3700W. BrownChild Care COLA, Expansion and Tax CreditFailed
AB 3738BatesChild Care for Homeless FamiliesChapter 1450
AB 3763WrightEmployer Tax CreditDead
AB 3873ChaconInfant Care in Family Day Care HomesChapter 906
AB 3991ClutePalo Verde Community College Child CareDead
AB 4027N. WatersElderly AidesChapter 1070
AB 4055SebastianiInvestigationsChapter 1016
AB 4070FilanteSchool-Age Child Care TransportationDead
AB 4087M. WatersExpedites LicensingChapter 938
AB 4131BatesFunding Terms & Conditions; Child Care Employment FundChapter 1066
AB 4369CorteseWillful InterferenceDead
SB 566BergesonIDB BondsAmended into AB 2445
SB 711WatsonChild Care Facilities Bond ActDead
SB 987HartSpecial Infant ServicesVetoed
SB 1133BergesonSchool Building Bond Issue, Includes Child CareChild care provisions deleted
SB 1448RosenthalStatutory Child Care COLAVetoed
SB 1529HartEmployer Tax CreditVetoed
SB 1754RobertiLatchkey Follow-Up for SB 303Vetoed
SB 2023L. GreeneRevolving Loan FundDead
SB 2109DeddehAdult Education Co-OpsVetoed
SB 2123CarpenterChild Care Training through ROPChapter 1376
SB 2182RobbinsSmoking in Family Day Care HomesChapter 407
SB 2197WatsonState University Employee Child Care CentersVetoed
SB 2200WatsonProvider Training for GAIN ParticipantsVetoed
SB 2397SeymourLicensing of Scouts, OthersChapter 714
SB 2465RichardsonExempts Church-Related Child Care from LicensureDead
SCR 101RobbinsChild Care Facility for Van Nuys Administrative CenterChapter R-124

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