1986 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 251Child Care &
AB 4062Child Abuse
AB 4069Health & Mental Health
AB 336EducationAB 4070Child Care
AB 360Foster Care & AdoptionAB 4087Child Care
AB 540OtherAB 4131Child Care
AB 606Child AbuseAB 4178Education
AB 613OtherAB 4199Other
AB 635Child Care &
Liability Insurance
AB 4204Public Assistance
AB 4218Education
AB 936Foster Care & AdoptionAB 4241Health & Mental Health
AB 1019OtherAB 4244Education
AB 1445Child AbuseAB 4295Foster Care & Adoption
AB 1524Child CareAB 4327Education
AB 1531Child CareAB 4328Health & Mental Health
AB 1617EducationAB 4345Health & Mental Health
AB 1649EducationAB 4369Child Care
AB 1707OtherAB 4380Other
AB 1974EducationAB 4395Child Abuse
AB 1981Child AbuseAB 4396Child Abuse
AB 1985Child AbuseAB 4406Liability Insurance
AB 1988Child AbuseAB 4411Foster Care & Adoption
AB 2071Child CareACR 109Public Assistance
AB 2144Health & Mental HealthACR 114Education
AB 2413Child CareACR 132Child Abuse
AB 2445Child CareAJR 86Health & Mental Health
AB 2569EducationSB 111Health & Mental Health
AB 2633OtherSB 229Other
AB 2658Child CareSB 417Education
AB 2704Health & Mental HealthSB 466Public Assistance
AB 2732EducationSB 566Child Care
AB 2761Child AbuseSB 711Child Care
AB 2773EducationSB 883Other
AB 2774Child CareSB 918Other
AB 2780Child AbuseSB 987Child Abuse &
Child Care
AB 2791Child Abuse
AB 2813EducationSB 1133Child Care
AB 2832Health & Mental HealthSB 1137Foster Care & Adoption
AB 2837Child CareSB 1159Foster Care & Adoption &
Liability Insurance
AB 2839Public Assistance
AB 2894Child AbuseSB 1178Health & Mental Health
AB 2916Child AbuseSB 1195Foster Care & Adoption
AB 2977Health & Mental HealthSB 1367Health & Mental Health
AB 2978Child AbuseSB 1448Child Care
AB 2992Child AbuseSB 1529Child Care
AB 3099Child CareSB 1545Child Abuse
AB 3109Child CareSB 1580Liability Insurance
AB 3163Child AbuseSB 1581Liability Insurance
AB 3168Foster Care & AdoptionSB 1604Education
AB 3179Child CareSB 1605Education
AB 3217OtherSB 1637Other
AB 3229Child AbuseSB 1739Health & Mental Health
AB 3246EducationSB 1750Other
AB 3258Child AbuseSB 1751Other
AB 3280Liability InsuranceSB 1754Child Care
AB 3285EducationSB 1772Education
AB 3330Child Care &
SB 1800Public Assistance
SB 1805Other
AB 3334EducationSB 1922Education
AB 3357Liability InsuranceSB 1984Other
AB 3421Child CareSB 2011Liability Insurance
AB 3463Health & Mental HealthSB 2023Child Care
AB 3472Liability InsuranceSB 2097Child Abuse
AB 3474Liability InsuranceSB 2109Child Care &
AB 3476Liability Insurance
AB 3545Liability InsuranceSB 2123Child Care
AB 3554Liability InsuranceSB 2133Foster Care & Adoption
AB 3572Child CareSB 2154Liability Insurance
AB 3608Child CareSB 2182Child Care
AB 3619Child CareSB 2192Education
AB 3653Health & Mental HealthSB 2197Child Care
AB 3656Child Care &
SB 2200Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 3658Child AbuseSB 2203Education
AB 3659OtherSB 2205Child Abuse
AB 3674EducationSB 2291Health & Mental Health
AB 3696Child CareSB 2368Other
AB 3700Child CareSB 2397Child Care
AB 3731Foster Care & AdoptionSB 2399Child Abuse &
AB 3738Child Care
AB 3740Child AbuseSB 2409Education
AB 3763Child CareSB 2462Education
AB 3767Health & Mental HealthSB 2463Child Abuse
AB 3849Child AbuseSB 2465Child Care
AB 3873Child CareSB 2530Child Abuse
AB 3875Liability InsuranceSB 2591Education
AB 3941Child AbuseSB 2613Liability Insurance
AB 3957EducationSCR 101Child Care
AB 3959EducationSJR 46Child Abuse
AB 3991Child CareSR 24Child Abuse
AB 4027Child CareSR 28Other
AB 4055Child Care

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