1986 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 540HarrisCalifornia Simple Tax LawDropped
AB 613MooreParental LeaveDead
AB 1019O'ConnellChild Bicycle HelmetsChapter 58
AB 1707DuffyAlternative Reproduction ActFailed
AB 2633FelandoDevelopmental DisabilitiesDead
AB 3217VasconcellosThe 1986-87 State BudgetChapter 186
AB 3659VasconcellosCommission on Self-EsteemChapter 1065
AB 4199HarrisAdolescent Pregnancy CommissionDead
AB 4380HughesCustody: Unexpected CostsChapter 945
SB 229McCorquodaleRates for Developmental ServicesDead
SB 883PresleyDetention of Status OffendersChapter 1369
SB 918WatsonChild Support CollectionChapter 1089
SB 1637PresleyDetention of MinorsChapter 1271
SB 1750HartFamily Home Award to Parent with CustodyFailed
SB 1751HartChild SupportChapter 1408
SB 1805McCorquodaleControlled SubstancesChapter 1038
SB 1984RobertiState Children's LibrarianFailed
SB 2368WatsonCalifornia Commission on the FamilyFailed
SR 28RobertiFamily Equity StudyAdopted

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