1987 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care
AB 9HughesEducation FundingChild care provisions deleted
AB 53KlehsState Tax ReformChapter 1138
AB 80AgnosBackground ChecksChapter 82
AB 87AgnosAIDS Omnibus BillTwo-year bill
AB 210BatesCost-of-LivingTwo-year bill
AB 231LancasterJoint Underwriting Association for Liability InsuranceChapter 821
AB 368MooreChild Rearing LeaveVetoed
AB 375M. WatersLatchkey Facilities for GAIN ParticipantsChapter 919
AB 953ZeltnerGrandparent Child Care Training ProjectTwo-year bill
AB 1025BatesStudent Loan AssumptionTwo-year bill
AB 1030BatesCommission on Economic DevelopmentTwo-year bill
AB 1040BatesEmployee RightsChapter 489
AB 1070HaydenChild Care Facilities for Redevelopment AreasVetoed
AB 1201CorteseJoint Underwriting Association for Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 1360BronzanChildren's CodeTwo-year bill
AB 1379BatesChild Care Under JTPAChapter 752
AB 1383ZeltnerLiability LimitsTwo-year bill
AB 1495M. WatersLottery FundsDead
AB 1520LeonardTitle 22 in Place of Title 5Dead
AB 1538N. WatersSupervisors of Children: CharacterFailed
AB 1549N. WatersSick Children in Family Day CareTwo-year bill
AB 1632LeonardChild Abuse ChecksChapter 531
AB 1662PeaceTele-Pal for Latchkey KidsTwo-year bill
AB 1747PolancoPermanent & Relocatable FacilitiesTwo-year bill
AB 1763WrightEmployer Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 1800RoosAdolescent Family Life ProgramVetoed
AB 1947QuackenbushLicensing Conformity; Family Day Care ListsChapter 1069
AB 2060StirlingState PreschoolTwo-year bill
AB 2094MojonnierLicensing CaseloadsTwo-year bill
AB 2130CorteseChild Care Tax CreditAmended into AB 2131
AB 2131CorteseChild Care Tax CreditVetoed
AB 2132CorteseRevolving Loan FundTwo-year bill
AB 2134CorteseChild Care BenefitsTwo-year bill
AB 2135CorteseReimbursement Rates for Special Needs ChildrenTwo-year bill
AB 2136CorteseAudit of Child Care Program StandardsTwo-year bill
AB 2137CorteseClean-Up of Infant-Toddler RatiosTwo-year bill
AB 2138CorteseChild Care ExpansionVetoed
AB 2197FriedmanLocal General PlansDead
AB 2223M. WatersSelf-InsuranceFailed
AB 2284FilanteTransportation to SchoolChapter 723
AB 2374StathamExemplary Child Care for State EmployeesDropped
AB 2375StathamPriority in Sale or Lease of School LandChapter 655
AB 2380BatesChild Care Space in Public Buildings, Community CollegesTwo-year bill
AB 2385BatesOperating Without a LicenseProvisions deleted
AB 2388BatesExempted Recreation ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 2412FilanteRespite CareTwo-year bill
AB 2462La FolletteCalifornia Child Care InitiativeChapter 462
AB 2473FrizzelleAlternative Payment Conversion Plan: Orange CountyTwo-year bill
AB 2506StirlingKindergarten Admission AgeTwo-year bill
AB 2573BatesState Preschool CleanupTwo-year bill
AB 2619Vasconcellos4% Statutory COLAChild care provisions deleted
AB 2628VasconcellosLatchkey Follow-UpChapter 1120
AB 2637CorteseDeveloper-Employer Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 2644CorteseDependent Care ProgramsVetoed
AB 2654RoosChild Care Bond IssueTwo-year bill
AB 2666HanniganSpecial Education for PreschoolersChapter 311
AJR 16O'ConnellHandicapped PreschoolersChapter R-72
SB 74L. GreeneChild Care in State BuildingsTwo-year bill
SB 108PresleyWooden Playground EquipmentChapter 1123
SB 130WatsonChild Care Provider TrainingVetoed
SB 278WatsonChild Care Bond IssueTwo-year bill
SB 304PresleyCourthouse Child Waiting RoomsTwo-year bill
SB 312McCorquodaleSales Tax ExemptionChapter 1213
SB 401DeddehDevelopmental PrekindergartensTwo-year bill
SB 476WatsonCSU EmployeesProvisions deleted
SB 500RoyceRespite Care for Foster ChildrenChapter 1351
SB 555GaramendiState Tax ReformAmended into AB 53
SB 572GaramendiState Tax ReformChapter 1139
SB 604Morgan2.54% & Statutory COLATwo-year bill
SB 722HartEmployer Tax CreditTwo-year bill
SB 975BergesonUtility CostsChapter 697
SB 1044LockyerEmployer-Employee Contributions to Child CareAmended into SR 23
SB 1102SeymourJoint Underwriting AssociationTwo-year bill
SB 1104SeymourChild Care Tax CreditAmended into AB 23
SB 1256RobertiInfant Home CareVetoed
SB 1285WatsonRelocatables for Homeless FamiliesTwo-year bill
SB 1307MorganInsurance RatesDropped
SB 1308MorganParent ServicesTwo-year bill
SB 1326RobbinsCSU Insurance PoolingTwo-year bill
SB 1408L. GreeneReduced Work TimeTwo-year bill
SB 1430WatsonGAIN Child CareTwo-year bill
SB 1437DoolittleLatchkey Kids in Family Day CareTwo-year bill
SB 1443DoolittleLatchkey StaffChapter 626
SB 1527RobertiFamily HousingTwo-year bill
SB 1565CampbellJoint Underwriting AssociationDead
SB 1566CampbellEmployer Tax CreditDead
SB 1613MarksSick Child LeaveDead
SB 1616McCorquodalePregnant and Parenting MinorsTwo-year bill
SB 1618McCorquodaleParent Co-ops; LatchkeyChapter 1487
SB 1677Presley4% Statutory COLATwo-year bill
SB 1692RobertiHousing Bond IssueTwo-year bill
SB 1693RobertiHousing Bond IssueTwo-year bill
SR 23LockyerTask ForceAdopted

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