1987 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Abuse
AB 285LeonardSchool Adult Present at InterviewChapter 640
AB 294MojonnierDriving Under the Influence with a ChildTwo-year bill
AB 326PeaceMolested Child Protection ActInterim Study
AB 380M. WatersChild Abuse Prevention Training WorkshopsChapter 920
AB 558HanniganHome-Based Services for Abused ChildrenTwo-year bill
AB 939MojonnierChild Sexual AbuseChapter 177
AB 1049BaderInformation SharingChapter 353
AB 1120VasconcellosSpecial Advocate ServicesVetoed
AB 1151M. WatersAssessment of Rural CountiesVetoed
AB 1223CalderonWaiting Rooms for Victim-WitnessesProvisions deleted
AB 1421La FolletteFamily Violence Prevention ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 1519SeastrandChild Abuse RecordsChapter 167
AB 1538N. WatersSupervisors of Children: CharacterFailed
AB 1569N. WatersPolice GuidelinesChapter 612
AB 1632LeonardChild Abuse ChecksChapter 531
AB 1743BatesChildren's Trust FundsVetoed
AB 1826WrightChild ProstitutionChapter 1068
AB 2436QuackenbushChild Abuse Registry CheckTwo-year bill
AB 2441QuackenbushChild MolestationChapter 423
AB 2459MojonnierChild Abuse CasesTwo-year bill
AB 2460MojonnierChild Abuse ReportingTwo-year bill
SB 243PresleyRemoval of Child from HomeChapter 1485
SB 251RobbinsChild Welfare ServicesProvisions deleted
SB 254RichardsonTraining for County Child Welfare WorkersTwo-year bill
SB 317PresleyDomestic ViolenceVetoed
SB 377McCorquodaleSpousal Abuse in Custody CasesFailed
SB 646WatsonSchoolsChapter 1444
SB 691WatsonChild Abuse ReportingChapter 1020
SB 693WatsonTeacher TrainingTwo-year bill
SB 801WatsonUniform ReportingTwo-year bill
SB 834PresleyChild Welfare Training CenterChapter 1310
SB 1219PresleyChild Abuse ReportingChapter 1459
SB 1461KeeneSanction Against SpouseTwo-year bill
SB 1596MontoyaMedically Neglected InfantsTwo-year bill

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