1987 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 9HughesEducation FundingTwo-year bill
AB 37W. BrownCategorical Programs: Extension & ReformVetoed
AB 48O'ConnellSchool Facilities BondTwo-year bill
AB 94HughesRestoration of Vetoed FundsChapter 45
AB 134CluteDrug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention EducationVetoed
AB 144HughesAIDS Education in Elementary GradesTwo-year bill
AB 192AllenMiller-Unruh Reading ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 346McClintockEducational Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 401DeddehDevelopmental KindergartensTwo-year bill
AB 406HillBilingual EducationTwo-year bill
AB 520KatzBehavior Modification in Special EducationTwo-year bill
AB 1425La FollettePublic Schools of ChoiceTwo-year bill
AB 1450La FolletteQuality Education ActFailed
AB 1617LeonardClass Size Reduction; Elimination of Specified CategoricalsTwo-year bill
AB 1655FarrLottery FundsTwo-year bill
AB 2506StirlingKindergarten Admission AgeTwo-year bill
AB 2619VasconcellosTeacher ReformTwo-year bill
AB 2658SpeierSpecial Education Infant ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 2666HanniganSpecial Education for PreschoolersChapter 311
ACA 1ElderSchool Finance & Tax ReformProvisions deleted
AJR 16O'ConnellHandicapped PreschoolersChapter R-72
SB 22BergesonSchool Facilities BondTwo-year bill
SB 60DillsMiller-Unruh Reading ProgramTwo-year bill
SB 106DillsState LotteryTwo-year bill
SB 136HartAIDS Prevention EducationVetoed
SB 137KeeneRestoration of Vetoed FundsVetoed
SB 148BergesonNew Standards for Teacher PreparationTwo-year bill
SB 328B. GreeneEducation for the Severely Emotionally DisturbedTwo-year bill
SB 436HartClass Size ReductionVetoed
SB 717L. GreeneSchool-Based Health ClinicsTwo-year bill
SB 1257RobertiYouth Suicide PreventionTwo-year bill
SB 1416BeverlyUrban Impact AidChapter 1137
SB 1583TorresEligibly Illegal AliensChapter 1491
SB 1677PresleyEducation ReformTwo-year bill

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