1987 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health and Mental Health
AB 54MargolinMedi-Cal for Pregnant WomenTwo-year bill
AB 66WrightChild Mental HealthChapter 160
AB 81TuckerObstetrical Services Under Medi-CalTwo-year bill
AB 87AgnosAIDS Omnibus BillTwo-year bill
AB 214MargolinPatient DumpingChapter 1225
AB 226FelandoStudent HealthChapter 1143
AB 377WrightChildren's Mental Health Services ActChapter 1361
AB 351MargolinPrenatal CareVetoed
AB 1364VasconcellosTherapeutic Nursery ProgramsVetoed
AB 1397CluteBirth Defect MonitoringChapter 1197
AB 1745ConnellyAlcohol-Related Birth DefectsTwo-year bill
AB 1750RoosPerinatal CareProvisions deleted
AB 1800RoosAdolescent Family Life ProgramVetoed
AB 2413FilantePerinatal ServicesTwo-year bill
SB 12MaddyPatient DumpingChapter 1240
SB 96HartAlcohol-Related Birth DefectsTwo-year bill
SB 193HartBirth Defect MonitoringDead
SB 222DavisChildren's Crisis Care CenterChapter 777
SB 229MelloComprehensive Perinatal ServicesTwo-year bill
SB 1071BergesonStatewide Perinatal Care ServicesTwo-year bill
SB 1361RosentahlPrenatal CareVetoed
SB 1424WatsonPediatric AIDS CasesTwo-year bill

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