1987 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 9Child Care &
AB 2506Education
AB 2573Child Care
AB 37EducationAB 2619Child Care &
AB 48Education
AB 53Child Care &
AB 2628Child Care
AB 2637Child Care
AB 54Health and Mental HealthAB 2644Child Care
AB 66Health and Mental HealthAB 2654Child Care
AB 80Child CareAB 2658Education
AB 81Health and Mental HealthAB 2666Child Care &
AB 87Child Care &
Health and Mental Health
ACA 1Education
AB 94EducationACA 6Insurance
AB 120OtherACA 9Other
AB 134EducationAJR 16Child Care &
AB 144Education
AB 145Public AssistanceSB 12Health and Mental Health
AB 150OtherSB 22Education
AB 192EducationSB 60Education
AB 210Child CareSB 74Child Care
AB 211Foster Care & AdoptionSB 96Health and Mental Health
AB 214Health and Mental HealthSB 106Education
AB 215Public AssistanceSB 108Child Care &
AB 226Health and Mental Health
AB 231Child Care &
SB 130Child Care
SB 136Education
AB 285Child AbuseSB 137Education
AB 294Child AbuseSB 148Education
AB 326Child AbuseSB 152Other
AB 346EducationSB 163Other
AB 351Health and Mental HealthSB 193Health and Mental Health
AB 368Child Care &
SB 222Health and Mental Health
SB 229Health and Mental Health
AB 375Child CareSB 243Child Abuse
AB 377Health and Mental HealthSB 250Insurance
AB 380Child AbuseSB 251Child Abuse
AB 401EducationSB 254Child Abuse
AB 406EducationSB 257Public Assistance
AB 520EducationSB 278Child Care
AB 558Child AbuseSB 304Child Care
AB 633Foster Care & AdoptionSB 312Child Care
AB 939Child AbuseSB 317Child Abuse
AB 953Child CareSB 328Education
AB 984Foster Care & AdoptionSB 334Insurance
AB 1025Child CareSB 335Insurance
AB 1030Child Care &
SB 336Insurance
SB 357Foster Care & Adoption
AB 1040Child CareSB 377Child Abuse
AB 1049Child AbuseSB 401Child Care
AB 1070Child CareSB 436Education
AB 1120Child AbuseSB 476Child Care
AB 1151Child AbuseSB 482Other
AB 1190InsuranceSB 500Child Care &
Foster Care & Adoption
AB 1201Child Care &
SB 510Foster Care & Adoption
AB 1221Foster Care & AdoptionSB 555Child Care &
AB 1223Child Abuse
AB 1360Child Care &
SB 572Child Care &
AB 1364Health and Mental HealthSB 604Child Care
AB 1379Child CareSB 646Child Abuse
AB 1383Child Care &
SB 691Child Abuse
SB 693Child Abuse
AB 1397Health and Mental HealthSB 717Education
AB 1421Child AbuseSB 722Child Care
AB 1425EducationSB 801Child Abuse
AB 1450EducationSB 834Child Abuse
AB 1495Child CareSB 975Child Care
AB 1519Child AbuseSB 1044Child Care
AB 1520Child CareSB 1054Other
AB 1530InsuranceSB 1071Health and Mental Health
AB 1538Child Abuse &
Child Care
SB 1087Other
SB 1102Child Care &
AB 1549Child Care
AB 1569Child AbuseSB 1104Child Care
AB 1617EducationSB 1112Other
AB 1632Child Abuse &
Child Care
SB 1137Foster Care & Adoption
SB 1219Child Abuse
AB 1655EducationSB 1256Child Care
AB 1662Child CareSB 1257Education
AB 1733Public AssistanceSB 1268Public Assistance
AB 1743Child AbuseSB 1285Child Care
AB 1745Health and Mental HealthSB 1307Child Care &
AB 1747Child Care
AB 1750Health and Mental HealthSB 1308Child Care
AB 1763Child CareSB 1326Child Care &
AB 1785Public Assistance
AB 1800Child Care &
Health and Mental Health
SB 1341Other
SB 1360Foster Care & Adoption
AB 1820OtherSB 1361Health and Mental Health
AB 1826Child AbuseSB 1380Other
AB 1947Child Care &
SB 1384Other
SB 1408Child Care &
AB 1966Public Assistance
AB 2025OtherSB 1409Foster Care & Adoption
AB 2060Child CareSB 1416Education
AB 2067InsuranceSB 1424Health and Mental Health
AB 2094Child CareSB 1430Child Care
AB 2130Child CareSB 1437Child Care
AB 2131Child CareSB 1443Child Care
AB 2132Child CareSB 1461Child Abuse
AB 2134Child CareSB 1497Nutrition
AB 2135Child CareSB 1505Public Assistance
AB 2136Child CareSB 1526Insurance
AB 2137Child CareSB 1527Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 2138Child Care
AB 2197Child CareSB 1535Foster Care & Adoption
AB 2223Child Care &
SB 1565Child Care &
AB 2274Foster Care & Adoption &
SB 1566Child Care
SB 1583Education
AB 2284Child CareSB 1596Child Abuse
AB 2374Child CareSB 1613Child Care &
AB 2375Child Care
AB 2380Child CareSB 1616Child Care
AB 2384NutritionSB 1618Child Care
AB 2385Child CareSB 1658Other
AB 2388Child CareSB 1664Other
AB 2412Child CareSB 1677Child Care &
AB 2413Health and Mental Health
AB 2436Child AbuseSB 1692Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 2441Child Abuse
AB 2459Child AbuseSB 1693Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 2460Child Abuse
AB 2462Child CareSCA 10Other
AB 2473Child CareSJR 7Foster Care & Adoption
AB 2497OtherSR 23Child Care
AB 2506Child Care &

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