1987 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 53KlehsState Tax ReformChapter 1138
AB 120FloydMinimum WageDead
AB 150KatzDevelopmentally DisabledVetoed
AB 368MooreChild Rearing LeaveVetoed
AB 1030BatesOffice of Family & WorkTwo-year bill
AB 1360BronzanChildren's CodeTwo-year bill
AB 1820VasconcellosCollege Human CorpsChapter 1245
AB 1947QuackenbushLicensing ConformityChapter 1069
AB 2025BatesChild SupportTwo-year bill
AB 2274FrazeeCounsel for Minors; Parental Consent for AbortionChapter 1237
AB 2497TannerCalifornia Council on the FamilyDead
ACA 9FloydRepeal of Gann LimitTwo-year bill
SB 108PresleyWooden Playground EquipmentChapter 1123
SB 152Alquist1987-88 State Budget BillChapter 135
SB 163WatsonTask Force on the FamilyTwo-year bill
SB 482RobertiFamily LiteracyChapter 1359
SB 555GaramendiState Tax ReformAmended into AB 53 and SB 572
SB 572GaramendiState Tax ReformChapter 1139
SB 1054SeymourMissing ChildrenChapter 954
SB 1087SeymourContributing to the Delinquency of a MinorChapter 1087
SB 1112PresleyHigh-Risk Youth Education ActTwo-year bill
SB 1341HartFamily Home AwardTwo-year bill
SB 1380BoatwrightChild SupportChapter 960
SB 1384MontoyaEnglish as the Official LanguageVetoed
SB 1408L. GreeneReduced Work TimeTwo-year bill
SB 1613MarksSick Child LeaveDead
SB 1658TorresMinimum WageVetoed
SB 1664PresleyJuvenile Facilities Bond ActTwo-year bill
SCA 10HartAlteration of Gann LimitTwo-year bill

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