1988 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care
AB 87AgnosAIDS Omnibus BillDied
AB 953ZeltnerGrandparent PhonefriendChapter 1554
AB 1030BatesFamily & WorkFailed
AB 1360BronzanChildren's CodsDropped
AB 1763WrightEmployer Tax CreditFailed
AB 1967BatesStatutory COLADropped
AB 2033CluteTeen Parent PlansVetoed
AB 2060StirlingState PreschoolDied
AB 2380BatesFacilities in Public BuildingsFailed
AB 2412FilanteRespite CareChapter 1483
AB 2696StathamState Employee: Dependent Care AssistanceChapter 809
AB 2697StathamChild Care DistrictsChapter 534
AB 2736HansenEmployer Tax CreditDied
AB 2738MooreChild Rearing LeaveFailed
AB 2745FriedmanChild Care Facilities in Local PlanningFailed
AB 2771ChaconSmall Business AssistanceChapter 634
AB 2905TuckerChild Care for Chronically Ill ChildrenChapter 316
AB 3097O'ConnellSchool ReadinessDropped
AB 3145CorteseChild Care Coordinating Grants; Staff Training on Special NeedsFailed
AB 3148CorteseChild Care ExpansionFailed
AB 3149CorteseChild Care Tax RefundFailed
AB 3170CoreseChild Development SunsetVetoed
AB 3357RoosChild Care DistrictsDropped
AB 3358RoosChild Care in Redevelopment PlansVetoed
AB 3396CampbellRecreation & Fitness ActFailed
AB 3590CluteTeen Parents: School PlansChapter 1613
AB 3592LeslieArrest Records: Community Care FacilitiesDropped
AB 3670RoosAdolescent Family Life ProgramChapter 979
AB 3687BatesCriminal ConvictionsChapter 796
AB 3689BatesState Preschool & Child Care Administrative CleanupFailed
AB 3719Roybal-AllardAdult Education ExpansionFailed
AB 3784FloydAsbestos in Child Care FacilitiesFailed
AB 3960FergusonLatchkey Children in Family Day Care HomesFailed
AB 3961FergusonChurch-Related Child CareProvisions failed
AB 3961BakerIn-Home Providers: Child Abuse ClearanceChapter 1540
AB 4039HaydenEmployer-Sponsored Child CareVetoed
AB 4176MooreChild Care Food ProgramChapter 371
AB 4179MooreEmployer Tax CreditDied
AB 4336CostaParent-Child InformationChapter 972
AB 4442VasconcellosRefundable Child Care Tax CreditDropped
AB 4443VasconcellosParents As TeachersVetoed
AB 4458HarrisExtension of Transitional Child CareFailed
AB 4649BronzanCDA CredentialChapter 1326
ACR 94StathamChildren's PolicyChapter R-130
AJR 62CorteseABC BillChapter R-61
SB 20L. GreeneSchool FacilitiesFailed
SB 74L. GeeneChild Care in State BuildingsDropped
SB 278WatsonChild Care Facility Bond IssueFailed
SB 401DeddehDevelopmental PrekindergartenFailed
SB 467PetrisInsurance: Withdrawal from MarketChapter 668
SB 604MorganStatutory COLAVetoed
SB 722HartEmployer Tax CreditChapter 1239
SB 752L. GreeneJob Assistance for the HomelessFailed
SB 1102SeymourSelf InsuranceVetoed
SB 1326RobbinsInsurance: CSUProvisions deleted
SB 1408L. GreeneState Employees: Reduced WorktimeChapter 256
SB 1437DoolittleFamily Day CareDied
SB 1527RobertiHousing ProjectsDropped
SB 1616McCorquodaleTeen ParentsDied
SB 1692RobertiHousing AssistanceChapter 30
SB 1693RobertiHousing AssistanceChapter 48/Propositions 84 & 107 (both Passed)
SB 1721BoatwrightStatutory COLA for All CategoricalsFailed
SB 1757TorresParental LeaveFailed
SB 1758TorresMaster for Child Care ActVetoed
SB 1759TorresRecreation and Fitness ActFailed
SB 1760TorresCommission on Children and YouthFailed
SB 1779MorganInfant Care: Square FootageChapter 732
SB 1797TorresSmall Business AssistanceChild care provisions deleted
SB 1840TorresRecreation & Fitness ActFailed
SB 1847B. GreeneTransitional Child Care Under GAINDropped
SB 1853B. GreeneAdvance Payments Under GAINDropped
SB 1867B. GreeneMinimum Services Under GAINDropped
SB 1988McCorquodaleTeen ParentsVetoed
SB 1990B. GreeneGAIN Participant OptionsDropped
SB 2024L. GreeneK-6 Teaching AssistantsVetoed
SB 2028WatsonGAIN ParticipantsVetoed
SB 2061McCorquodaleHealth Care TrainingDied
SB 2147B. GreeneExtended Transitional Child CareDied
SB 2166TorresHomework AssistanceFailed
SB 2227MarksParent ServicesFailed
SB 2256TorresLinguistic Acquisition TrainingFailed
SB 2861RoyceUnlicensed FacilitiesChapter 1098
SCR 102B. GreeneTeen Parent PlanFailed
SJR 32MorganFederal Child Care AssistanceChapter R-53

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