1988 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 105ChaconSchool-Based Counseling for Child AbuseVetoed
AB 558HanniganHome Based Care for At-Risk ChildrenChapter 105
AB 703AllenAdoption of Court DependentsChapter 805
AB 1549CampbellFamily ReunificationFailed
AB 2093FergusonVending Machine PornographyChapter 909
AB 2389CampbellCruel and Inhuman Corporal Punishment; Killing Child Under 14Vetoed
AB 2698SpeierFamily MediationChapter 1377
AB 2823LongshoreAbuse Information DisclosureDied
AB 2854KelleyFoster Parent TrainingChapter 1166
AB 2963ZeltnerChild Abuse SentencingVetoed
AB 3279FilanteOut-of-Court StatementsDied
AB 3352BaderDisclosure of Child Abuse ReportsDropped
AB 3423CostaSentence EnhancementChapter 1487
AB 3483FilanteSexual Assault ExamsChapter 1575
AB 3522MojonnierCompetency of WitnessesDropped
AB 3523MojonnierChild Witness SubpoenasChapter 642
AB 3524MojonnierUnavailability of a Child WitnessChapter 485
AB 3525MojonnierOathsChapter 486
AB 3562N. WatersChild Witnesses: SupportDied
AB 3835N. WatersFelony Child Sexual AbuseChapter 1398
AB 3846FrizzelleTermination of Parental RightsDied
AB 3871BatesDisclosure of InformationChapter 1314
AB 4080RoosTaping of Initial InterviewsFailed
AB 4211Roybal-AllardSexual Assault Examination TrainingVetoed
AB 4344PolancoChild AutopsiesFailed
AB 4445VasconcellosCourt-Appointed Special AdvocatesChapter 723
AB 4490N. WatersFoster Parent ManualFailed
AB 4585PolancoSuspicious Child DeathsChapter 1580
AB 4646BronzanFamily MaintenanceVetoed
AB 4675BronzanChild TestimonyDropped
SB 5DeddehPornography StandardsChapter 1378
SB 510SeymourTeen Parents in Group Homes; Foster Care RatesChapter 1066
SB 786McCorquodaleAdoptive Parents: FingerprintingVetoed
SB 1803LockyerCustody: Parents Convicted of AbuseChapter 1128
SB 1859PresleyCleanup of SB 243Chapter 701
SB 1860PresleyPermanent PlacementChapter 1075
SB 2076AlquistFoster Parents for AIDS InfantsChapter 1236
SB 2081RoyceRespite Care for Handicapped Foster ChildrenChapter 583
SB 2083MelloChild Abuser ProsecutionVetoed
SB 2086PresleyState Children's Trust FundChapter 722
SB 2160RoyceFoster Family HomesChapter 1142
SB 2205RobertiExams: Sexual Assault VictimsVetoed
SB 2215SeymourCounty Children's SheltersFailed
SB 2282PresleyMissing PersonsChapter 1456
SB 2335LockyerSexual Abuse ProgramsVetoed
SB 2411KoppCounseling for Convicted AbusersVetoed
SB 2457RussellUnsubstantiated Child Abuse ReportsChapter 1497
SB 2511RobbinsChild Custody: Domestic ViolenceVetoed
SB 2523PresleyFamily Violence PreventionChapter 1371
SB 2569RussellTelephone ContactChapter 1083
SB 2571LockyerSuspicious Child DeathsFailed

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