1988 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 9EducationAB 4486Public Assistance
AB 48EducationAB 4490Child Protection
AB 81Health and Mental HealthAB 4585Child Protection
AB 87Child CareAB 4642Health and Mental Health
AB 105Child ProtectionAB 4646Child Protection
AB 224OtherAB 4648Other
AB 520EducationAB 4649Child Care
AB 558Child ProtectionAB 4662Other
AB 703Child ProtectionAB 4675Child Protection
AB 953Child CareAB 4690Health and Mental Health
AB 1030Child Care &
ACR 94Child Care &
AB 1360Child CareAJR 62Child Care
AB 1425EducationSB 5Child Protection
AB 1549Child ProtectionSB 20Child Care
AB 1763Child CareSB 22Education
AB 1783EducationSB 44Other
AB 1967Child CareSB 74Child Care
AB 2033Child CareSB 148Education
AB 2060Child CareSB 175Health and Mental Health
AB 2093Child ProtectionSB 257Public Assistance
AB 2380Child CareSB 278Child Care
AB 2389Child ProtectionSB 401Child Care
AB 2412Child CareSB 467Child Care
AB 2474Health and Mental HealthSB 510Child Protection
AB 2496EducationSB 604Child Care
AB 2658EducationSB 722Child Care
AB 2687OtherSB 752Child Care
AB 2696Child CareSB 786Child Protection
AB 2697Child CareSB 1102Child Care
AB 2698Child ProtectionSB 1326Child Care
AB 2708EducationSB 1408Child Care &
AB 2736Child Care
AB 2737OtherSB 1424Health and Mental Health
AB 2738Child Care &
SB 1437Child Care
SB 1505Public Assistance
AB 2745Child CareSB 1513Other
AB 2754OtherSB 1527Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 2771Child Care
AB 2773Health and Mental HealthSB 1616Child Care
AB 2823Child ProtectionSB 1664Other
AB 2854Child ProtectionSB 1677Education
AB 2905Child CareSB 1692Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 2935Education
AB 2941EducationSB 1693Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 2963Child Protection
AB 3030OtherSB 1721Child Care &
AB 3040Education
AB 3097Child Care &
SB 1756Nutrition
SB 1757Child Care &
AB 3145Child Care
AB 3148Child CareSB 1758Child Care
AB 3149Child CareSB 1759Child Care
AB 3170Child CareSB 1760Child Care &
AB 3184Education
AB 3279Child ProtectionSB 1779Child Care
AB 3346EducationSB 1797Child Care
AB 3352Child ProtectionSB 1803Child Protection
AB 3357Child CareSB 1810Education
AB 3358Child CareSB 1840Child Care
AB 3364Health and Mental HealthSB 1847Child Care
AB 3396Child CareSB 1853Child Care
AB 3423Child ProtectionSB 1859Child Protection
AB 3479Health and Mental HealthSB 1860Child Protection
AB 3483Child ProtectionSB 1867Child Care
AB 3522Child ProtectionSB 1882Education
AB 3523Child ProtectionSB 1988Child Care &
AB 3524Child Protection
AB 3525Child ProtectionSB 1990Child Care
AB 3535EducationSB 2024Child Care &
AB 3562Child Protection
AB 3586Public AssistanceSB 2028Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 3590Child Care
AB 3592Child CareSB 2059Education
AB 3595Health and Mental HealthSB 2061Child Care
AB 3646Health and Mental HealthSB 2076Child Protection
AB 3647NutritionSB 2077Education
AB 3670Child Care &
Health and Mental Health
SB 2081Child Protection
SB 2083Child Protection
AB 3687Child CareSB 2086Child Protection
AB 3689Child CareSB 2147Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 3708Education
AB 3719Child Care &
SB 2160Child Protection
SB 2166Child Care
AB 3723OtherSB 2197Education
AB 3747Health and Mental HealthSB 2201Nutrition
AB 3784Child CareSB 2205Child Protection
AB 3808Public AssistanceSB 2215Child Protection
AB 3835Child ProtectionSB 2227Child Care
AB 3846Child ProtectionSB 2234Education
AB 3871Child ProtectionSB 2256Child Care &
AB 3899Other
AB 3960Child CareSB 2282Child Protection
AB 3961Child CareSB 2335Child Protection
AB 3963Health and Mental HealthSB 2411Child Protection
AB 4039Child CareSB 2457Child Protection
AB 4080Child ProtectionSB 2475Health and Mental Health
AB 4151OtherSB 2511Child Protection
AB 4176Child Care &
SB 2523Child Protection
SB 2569Child Protection
AB 4179Child CareSB 2571Child Protection
AB 4211Child ProtectionSB 2579Health and Mental Health
AB 4245OtherSB 2599Other
AB 4290OtherSB 2692Education
AB 4299EducationSB 2729Other
AB 4336Child CareSB 2762Other
AB 4344Child ProtectionSB 2840Education
AB 4381Health and Mental HealthSB 2841Education
AB 4442Child CareSB 2844Health and Mental Health
AB 4443Child CareSB 2846Health and Mental Health
AB 4444EducationSB 2861Child Care
AB 4445Child ProtectionSCR 102Child Care
AB 4458Child Care &
Public Assistance
SJR 32Child Care

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