1989 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care
AB 28JohnstonEmployment TrainingChapter 926
AB 57VasconcellosParents As TeachersVetoed
AB 77MooreFamily Care LeaveTwo-year bill
AB 87O'ConnellEarly Primary ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 98HughesProposition 98 FormulasAmended into AB 198
AB 181CampbellSchool FacilitiesChild care provisions deleted
AB 198O'ConnellProp 98Chapter 83
AB 312EastinLong-Term GAIN ConformityTwo-year bill
AB 314LeslieEmployee CharacterChapter 825
AB 336Roybal-AllardAdult Education Parenting ProgramsDead
AB 370HanniganProp 98 & Child DevelopmentChapter 1394
AB 383RoosAdolescent Family Life ProgramDropped
AB 421AllenLegislative EmployeesTwo-year bill
AB 437N. WatersChild Care Facilities Loan FundTwo-year bill
AB 446HansenEmployer Credit for Sick Child CareChapter 1042
AB 501EastinNew Chance ProjectChapter 931
AB 616AllenApproval of In-Service Training ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 627BentleyCounty Access to the RegistryChapter 153
AB 656JonesSliding Fee Scale for Transitional Child CareProvisions deleted
AB 681FriedmanSick Child LeaveVetoed
AB 741SpeierDrug-Addicted Women & Their ChildrenVetoed
AB 802KlehsEmployer Tax CreditChapter 967
AB 811La FolletteChild Care InitiativeChapter 905
AB 819BatesAdministrative CleanupTwo-year bill
AB 862JonesState EmployeeChapter 967
AB 864BatesVoter RegistrationVetoed
AB 870BatesPublic BuildingsVetoed
AB 951WoodruffEmployer Tax CreditChapter 1314
AB 1071HansenConversion to Title 22Two-year bill
AB 1087HughesFollowup to Prop 98Chapter 92
AB 1129NolanAdditional Latchkey in Family Day CareTwo-year bill
AB 1149N. WatersComplaintsChapter 332
AB 1164FilanteNonused School SitesChapter 158
AB 1169AllenInfant Home CareChapter 1185
AB 1188LeslieLicensingChapter 606
AB 1226MooreChild Nutrition RecordsChapter 194
AB 1286QuackenbushLoma Prieta Developmental KindergartenDropped
AB 1341VasconcellosProp 98 Funds for Young ChildrenTwo-year bill
AB 1428HanniganResource & Referral; Local CoordinatorsTwo-year bill
AB 1434FergusonROP Child Care TeachersFailed
AB 1491AllenConflicting Child Care Laws & RegulationsTwo-year bill
AB 1518WrightChildren's Tax CreditFailed
AB 1637BurtonInfant Worksite CentersTwo-year bill
AB 1645PolancoTax Credit DiversionFailed
AB 1706BatesAFCD Child Care ConformityTwo-year bill
AB 1715FriedmanHomeowner InsuranceTwo-year bill
AB 1764HarrisSenior & Child CareChapter 1263
AB 1766RoosSchool Plans for Teen ParentsDropped
AB 1771RoosChild Care Facility BondTwo-year bill
AB 1772RoosRedevelopment PlansTwo-year bill
AB 1776FriedmanGeneral PlansVetoed
AB 1777FriedmanCapital OutlayTwo-year bill
AB 1791KatzPark & Ride CentersTwo-year bill
AB 1824SpeierMedi-Cal for Drug-Addicted Women & ChildrenTwo-year bill
AB 1828HansenDeveloper IncentivesChapter 1323
AB 1853SpeierPartnership CouncilTwo-year bill
AB 1889HarrisGAIN Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 1916N. WatersHealth Care TrainingTwo-year bill
AB 1960HansenEmergency Substitute TeachersTwo-year bill
AB 2030W. BrownUniversal PreschoolTwo-year bill
AB 2127LeslieChronically Ill Child CareChapter 239
AB 2171EastinGAIN Conformity with FSAChapter 77
AB 2189MurrayQuality Measures for Title 22Vetoed
AB 2246HughesAfter-School ActivitiesTwo-year bill
AB 2315W. BrownChild Safety SeatsVetoed
AB 2391KilleaChild Care During Foster Parent TrainingTwo-year bill
AB 2409N. WatersLicense NumberChapter 458
AB 2412BatesChild Care Space in Elementary SchoolsFailed
SB 19WatsonFamily Day Care LicensingChapter 70
SB 39DoolittleAIDS & TB Mandatory TestingTwo-year bill
SB 78WatsonChild Care BondTwo-year bill
SB 98HartProposition 98Chapter 82
SB 131L. GreeneSchool FacilitiesChild care provisions deleted
SB 146PresleySiting of FacilitiesTwo-year bill
SB 160WatsonGAIN Provider TrainingChapter 1368
SB 230RobertiChild Development SunsetChapter 81
SB 238MorganTitle 22 AidesChapter 682
SB 257TorresParental LeaveTwo-year bill
SB 258TorresRecreation and FitnessTwo-year bill
SB 259TorresMaster PlanTwo-year bill
SB 260TorresCommission on Children and YouthVetoed
SB 265RobbinsCourt Waiting RoomsTwo-year bill
SB 340CampbellLegislative Analyst ReportsTwo-year bill
SB 537MorganHomemaking EducationChild care provisions deleted
SB 606C. GreenAt-Risk 4-Year-OldsTwo-year bill
SB 629MorganToddler OptionChapter 1079
SB 632MorganSAPID FundingChapter 771
SB 644WatsonFamily Day Care InsuranceTwo-year bill
SB 866MarksIntegrated Family ServicesTwo-year bill
SB 867RobbinsLos Angeles CountyTwo-year bill
SB 944RosenthalInspectionsChapter 694
SB 995TorresChild Care for Homeless FamiliesChild care provisions deleted
SB 997PresleyChildren's ServicesChapter 1303
SB 1024McCorquodaleTeen Parent ProgramVetoed
SB 1068BoatwrightSIDSChapter 1118
SB 1098RosenthalFire ClearancesChapter 993
SB 1171HartNotice of ClosureVetoed
SB 1274HartRestructuring Public EducationTwo-year bill
SB 1321SeymourSubstance-Involved ChildrenTwo-year bill
SB 1331PresleyReview PanelsTwo-year bill
SB 1343MorganLicensingChapter 301
SB 1372PetrisChild Safety SeatsFailed
SB 1509KoppParent Co-opsChapter 413
SB 1590PetrisCommunity CollegesChapter 1340
SB 1592PetrisDrug-Addicted Women & ChildrenTwo-year bill
SB 1660RobertiUnlawful InterferenceChapter 1054
SB 1674RobertiLatchkey CleanupTwo-year bill
SCA 1GaramendiGann LimitChapter 66/Proposition 111 (Passed)
SCR 16MorganLatchkey Special NeedsChapter R-99
SCR 48RobbinsL.A. FacilityChapter R-126

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