1989 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 7FilanteOut-of-Court StatementsTwo-year bill
AB 321Roybal-AllardSexual Assault Treatment TrainingChapter 1210
AB 548MoorePlacement PriorityTwo-year bill
AB 553MoorePurging of ReportsChapter 417
AB 627BentleyCounty Access to the RegistryChapter 153
AB 717HansenReport DisclosureChapter 1169
AB 782N. WatersStatute of LimitationsChapter 1312
AB 857ChandlerDrug-Exposed BabiesTwo-year bill
AB 899CampbellHome-Based ServicesVetoed
AB 1060AreiasFoster Care by RelativesTwo-year bill
AB 1313Roybal-AllardReport DisclosureTwo-year bill
AB 1613BatesChildren of Divorce WorkshopTwo-year bill
AB 1696BronzanHome-Based TherapyTwo-year bill
AB 1697BronzanFamily Preservation FundTwo-year bill
AB 1757FriedmanChild Victim AdvisoryTwo-year bill
AB 1762MojonnierJudicial TrainingTwo-year bill
AB 1763MojonnierPlacement with RelativesTwo-year bill
AB 1810MooreUnfounded ReportsTwo-year bill
AB 1837FrizzelleImmunityTwo-year bill
AB 1852VasconcellosSanta Clara ShelterVetoed
AB 2167BurtonUnfounded ReportsChapter 407
AB 2212SpeierContinuous Child Sexual AbuseChapter 1402
AB 2233PolancoChild PornographyChapter 1180
AB 2268BatesFoster Children with Special Health NeedsChapter 1437
AB 2390KilleaFoster Family TrainingTwo-year bill
AB 2391KilleaChild Care During Foster Parent TrainingTwo-year bill
ACR 25LeslieChild Victims of PornographyChapter R-30
ACR 30SpeierFamily CodeChapter R-70
SB 108LockyerChild Molestation SuitsTwo-year bill
SB 182TorresTemporary CustodyChapter 408
SB 193PresleyDomestic Violence FundVetoed
SB 218PetrisChild Victim Witness ProgramChapter 1220
SB 219PetrisConfidentialityChapter 86
SB 220PetrisCourt StatusChapter 1441
SB 221PetrisParental Restraining OrdersChapter 1409
SB 273LockyerHearsay RuleChapter 322
SB 370PresleyFoster Care ReformChapter 1294
SB 395NielsenVictims of Sexual AssaultChapter 1202
SB 436C. GreenTelevised TestimonyDropped
SB 551PresleyDependency CleanupChapter 913
SB 865MarksFederal Funds for Drug-Exposed BabiesTwo-year bill
SB 884MorganFamily CounselingChapter 636
SB 931SeymourChildren's ShelterFailed
SB 936SeymourShelter CareFailed
SB 1061StirlingChild MolestationTwo-year bill
SB 1173RoyceFoster Drug BabiesChapter 1385
SB 1177RoyceFoster Care AdoptionChapter 994
SB 1442McCorquodaleVictim RightsTwo-year bill
SB 1466SeymourMedically Fragile Foster ChildrenChapter 1175
SB 1532C. GreenReportingChapter 1053
SB 1545RobertiRape ExamVetoed
SCR 23PresleyPost-Partum InfanticideChapter R-?
SR 7LockyerFamily Relations CourtAdopted

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