1989 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 7Child ProtectionAB 1901Education
AB 11EducationAB 1902Education
AB 18Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 1904Public Assistance
AB 25EducationAB 1916Child Care
AB 28Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 1960Child Care
AB 2026Education
AB 52Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 2030Child Care
AB 56EducationAB 2037Education
AB 57Child Care &
AB 2109Nutrition
AB 2127Child Care
AB 75Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 2161Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 77Child CareAB 2167Child Protection
AB 85EducationAB 2171Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 87Child Care
AB 98Child Care &
AB 2189Child Care
AB 2212Child Protection
AB 99Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 2233Child Protection
AB 121OtherAB 2246Child Care
AB 164Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 2268Child Protection &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 166Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 175EducationAB 2315Child Care &
AB 181Child Care &
AB 2390Child Protection
AB 195EducationAB 2391Child Care &
Child Protection
AB 198Child Care &
AB 2409Child Care
AB 219Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 2412Child Care
AB 250OtherAB 2477Education
AB 293EducationACR 25Child Protection
AB 294EducationACR 30Child Protection
AB 295EducationSB 7Education
AB 312Child Care &
Public Assistance
SB 19Child Care
SB 39Child Care &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 314Child Care
AB 321Child ProtectionSB 50Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 328Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 55Public Assistance
AB 335EducationSB 69Education
AB 336Child CareSB 78Child Care
AB 350Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 95Other
AB 356Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 98Child Care &
AB 357Other
AB 370Child CareSB 108Child Protection
AB 375EducationSB 127Other
AB 381NutritionSB 131Child Care
AB 383Child Care &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
SB 146Child Care
SB 156Education
AB 408Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 160Child Care
AB 421Child CareSB 165Other
AB 437Child CareSB 182Child Protection
AB 446Child CareSB 193Child Protection
AB 450EducationSB 218Child Protection
AB 474EducationSB 219Child Protection
AB 485EducationSB 220Child Protection
AB 501Child Care &
Public Assistance
SB 221Child Protection
SB 230Child Care
AB 505Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 238Child Care
AB 548Child ProtectionSB 257Child Care
AB 553Child ProtectionSB 258Child Care
AB 616Child CareSB 259Child Care
AB 617Public AssistanceSB 260Child Care &
AB 627Child Care &
Child Protection
SB 265Child Care
AB 649Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 273Child Protection
AB 656Child CareSB 292Other
AB 681Child CareSB 340Child Care
AB 697EducationSB 370Child Protection
AB 717Child ProtectionSB 395Child Protection
AB 735EducationSB 398Public Assistance
AB 741Child Care &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
SB 436Child Protection
SB 480Public Assistance
AB 780Public AssistanceSB 537Child Care
AB 782Child ProtectionSB 551Child Protection
AB 802Child CareSB 595Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 811Child CareSB 606Child Care
AB 819Child CareSB 629Child Care
AB 857Child ProtectionSB 632Child Care
AB 862Child CareSB 644Child Care
AB 864Child CareSB 666Education
AB 870Child CareSB 822Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 899Child ProtectionSB 865Child Protection &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 951Child Care
AB 1014NutritionSB 866Child Care
AB 1060Child ProtectionSB 867Child Care
AB 1071Child CareSB 884Child Protection
AB 1087Child Care &
SB 931Child Protection
SB 936Child Protection
AB 1129Child CareSB 944Child Care
AB 1149Child CareSB 970Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1164Child CareSB 991Public Assistance
AB 1169Child CareSB 995Child Care &
Public Assistance
AB 1188Child Care
AB 1226Child Care &
SB 997Child Care &
AB 1286Child CareSB 1024Child Care
AB 1313Child ProtectionSB 1055Nutrition
AB 1341Child Care &
SB 1061Child Protection
SB 1067Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1399EducationSB 1068Child Care &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1428Child Care
AB 1434Child CareSB 1069Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1470EducationSB 1070Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1473Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 1098Child Care
AB 1491Child CareSB 1170Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1517EducationSB 1171Child Care
AB 1518Child CareSB 1173Child Protection &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1608Education
AB 1609EducationSB 1177Child Protection
AB 1613Child ProtectionSB 1202Education
AB 1637Child CareSB 1274Child Care
AB 1645Child CareSB 1321Child Care &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1695Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1696Child ProtectionSB 1331Child Care
AB 1697Child ProtectionSB 1343Child Care
AB 1704EducationSB 1357Education
AB 1706Child Care &
Public Assistance
SB 1372Child Care &
AB 1715Child CareSB 1419Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1733NutritionSB 1442Child Protection
AB 1744EducationSB 1443Education
AB 1757Child ProtectionSB 1466Child Protection &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1762Child Protection
AB 1763Child ProtectionSB 1509Child Care
AB 1764Child CareSB 1532Child Protection
AB 1766Child CareSB 1545Child Protection
AB 1771Child CareSB 1590Child Care
AB 1772Child CareSB 1592Child Care &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1776Child Care
AB 1777Child CareSB 1660Child Care
AB 1791Child CareSB 1674Child Care
AB 1810Child ProtectionSCA 1Child Care &
AB 1824Child Care &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
SCR 16Child Care
AB 1828Child CareSCR 18Other
AB 1837Child ProtectionSCR 23Child Protection
AB 1852Child ProtectionSCR 48Child Care
AB 1853Child CareSR 7Child Protection
AB 1889Child Care

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