1990 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 25HughesAIDS Education in Grades 7-12Vetoed
AB 87O'ConnellYear-Round SchoolsChapter 1261
AB 175La FolletteAlternative Instructional ProgramsDied
AB 236CluteSchools Bonds, Including Child CareChapter 578/
Proposition 146 (Passed)
AB 322M. WatersParental InvolvementChapter 1400
AB 812CampbellSpecial Education MainstreamingChapter 118
AB 2037EastinMiller-Unruh Reading ProgramVetoed
AB 2586HughesSpecial Education: Behavioral InterventionsChapter 959
AB 2588EastinSchool LibrariesVetoed
AB 2646EastinSchool LibrariesDied
AB 2815HughesHearing-Impaired Students; Special EducationDied
AB 2822BakerDrugs and Pregnancy EducationChapter 540
AB 2867HughesHealth ScreeningsVetoed
AB 2936WrightProposition 98 Funding: SED ChildrenDropped
AB 2943CluteTeacher CredentialsChapter 341
AB 2973TuckerIntegrated Learning Program for K-6Vetoed
AB 3040SpeierSpecial Education: DyslexiaChapter 1501
AB 3292MurrayHeight and Weight ScreeningDied
AB 3294MurraySchool Effectiveness DevelopmentDied
AB 3296QuackenbushAlternative Testing ModelsDied
AB 3335ArieasEarthquake Preparedness TrainingDied
AB 3347BatesFamily Resource CentersFailed
AB 3438BronzanPhysical Education & NutritionDied
AB 3450HarveySpecial Education EqualizationDied
AB 3489HunterCategorical Programs CoordinationDied
AB 3500CampbellRestructuring Public EducationDied
AB 3585MoorePupil Drug TestingDied
AB 3646VasconcellosParents As Teachers ProgramChapter 1471
AB 3768HughesEvaluation of CBESTChapter 1478
AB 3770HughesSchools of ExcellenceDied
AB 3782TuckerTime Off to Visit Child's SchoolChapter 859
AB 3908AreiasProhibition of AdvertisingDied
AB 4056HarrisAlcohol and Drug EducationVetoed
AB 4078StathamChannel One: AdvertisingDied
AB 4117PolancoCorporal Punishment: Physical ExertionDied
AB 4266HarrisPriority One SchoolsDied
AB 4308HaydenBilingual ParaprofessionalsVetoed
ABX 12M. WatersSeismic Safety AssessmentsDied
SB 173L. GreeneSchool Bonds, Including Child CareChapter 24/
Proposition 123 (Passed)
SB 606C. GreenHomeless PupilsChapter 1415
SB 1274HartRestructuring Public EducationChapter 1556
SB 1863LeonardOpen Enrollment Within DistrictsDied
SB 2020MorganParenting Skills InstructionDied
SB 2072RoyceSexual Offense ConvictionsChapter 596
SB 2280WatsonEarly Intervention for School SuccessVetoed
SB 2605TorresProhibition of AdvertisingDied

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