1990 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 99BronzanRestoration of Family PlanningChapter 1
AB 328MargolinCalifornia Health PlanDied
AB 1521MargolinHealth Insurance CompromiseDied
AB 1896BronzanCommunity Mental Health ShortfallVetoed
AB 2674RoosMedi-Cal Benefits: Adolescent Family Life ProgramChapter 720
AB 3010SpeierAlcohol and Drug Affected Mothers and InfantsChapter 1688
AB 3032W. BrownEmployee Health InsuranceDied
AB 3287FriedmanPreventive Dental CareVetoed
AB 3374BronzanChild Health ServicesVetoed
AB 3413PolancoPediatric Day Health and Respite Care LicensureChapter 1227
AB 3534BronzanMobile Medical Care for ChildrenVetoed
AB 3615BentleyDevelopmental Disabilities: Involuntary AdmissionsFailed
AB 3990WrightLos Angeles Child Mental HealthVetoed
AB 4120MargolinMedi-Cal Perinatal EligibilityDied
AB 4160KatzChildren's Poison Protection ActChapter 866
SB 1409PresleyMental Health CutsChapter 1323
SB 1791RosenthalMedi-Cal Perinatal EligibilityVetoed
SB 2266MorganCalifornia Full Immunization ActChapter 606
SB 2276RosenthalMedi-Cal Reform ActDied
SB 2277RosenthalMedi-Cal Perinatal EligibilityVetoed
SB 2407WatsonMedi-Cal Obstetric/Pediatric RatesProvisions deleted
SB 2505MaddyAffordable Basic Health CareDied
SB 2514PresleySED ChildrenProvisions deleted
SB 2669PresleyProtocols: Perinatal Substance AbuseChapter 1603
SB 2705WatsonMedi-Cal Perinatal EligibilityVetoed
SB 2868PetrisCalifornia Right to Health CareDied
SR 9McCorquodaleInvestigation of Lanterman ActAdopted

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