1991 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 14MargolinEmployer Health CoverageTwo-year bill
AB 99IsenbergProposition 99 Health Funding; AIM Program (Governor's Proposal)Chapter 278
AB 321MargolinFamily Health Insurance PlanTwo-year bill
AB 333BronzanCounty Child Health ServicesTwo-year bill
AB 390SpeierMedi-Cal: Substance Abuse TreatmentChapter 429
AB 501MargolinMedi-Cal Perinatal Options (Amended into SB 856)Two-year bill
AB 583BronzanMedi-Cal Dental CareTwo-year bill
AB 723WrightLos Angeles Child Mental HealthTwo-year bill
AB 900Roybal-AllardFemale Prisoner Health CareChapter 692
AB 1078BronzanMental Health Master PlanTwo-year bill
AB 1113Archie-HudsonAIDS: Women & ChildrenChapter 284
AB 1119CluteAdolescent Family Life Program: Substance Abuse ServicesTwo-year bill
AB 1349VasconcellosAlcohol/Drug Programs for Pregnant Women; Restoration of Social Service Funding CutsVetoed
AB 1455HanniganSED Children: PreventionTwo-year bill
AB 1864FarrInfant Botulism PreventionVetoed
AB 1876Archie-HudsonCHDP: SchoolsTwo-year bill
AB 1979LeeLead Screening: Insurance CoverageChapter 797
AB 2038ConnellyChildhood Lead Poisoning PreventionChapter 799
SB 6RobbinsHealth Care for UninsurablesTwo-year bill
SB 36PetrisUniversal Right to Health CareTwo-year bill
SB 92PresleyRegional Center Funding (1990-91)Chapter 14
SB 99WatsonProposition 99 CleanupChapter 1170
SB 178RosenthalMedi-Cal Perinatal OptionsVetoed
SB 362BoatwrightSIDS Information and CounselingChapter 268
SB 856BergesonMedi-Cal Perinatal ServicesChapter 1062
SB 903TorresCalifornia Children's ServicesVetoed
SB 910McCorquodaleTargeted Case ManagementChapter 1179
SB 964WatsonDrug Treatment/Prenatal CareVetoed
SB 1045McCorquodaleRegional Center Budget Cuts (1991-92)Chapter 93
SB 1060MaddyGovernor's Perinatal Insurance Proposal (Amended into AB 99)Two-year bill
SB 1088McCorquodaleProtection and Advocacy ServicesChapter 534
SB 1100BergesonFree Tobacco and CigarettesChapter 829
SB 1189KilleaAlternative Birthing CentersChapter 1119
SJR 4BergesonMobile Prenatal Health Care VansChapter R-136

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