1992 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 287 Allen Interdistrict Transfers for Child Care Chapter 120
AB 396 No Author Licensing Fees Chapter 709
AB 811 Murray Contractor Reserve Funds Vetoed
AB 880 Eastin School Bonds Provisions deleted
AB 962 Alpert Preventive Health Care Training Chapter 35
AB 1391 Lempert Insurance Failed
AB 1765 Gotch Drug Free Zones Chapter
AB 2028 Speier Lottery Funds Failed
AB 2194 Bates Senior and Child Care Bond Died
AB 2269 Hannigan Interdistrict Transfers Died
AB 2294 Alpert Family Child Care: Immunizations Chapter 1320
AB 2333 Clute Early Primary Programs Chapter 1082
AB 2477 Moore Family Leave Followup Vetoed
AB 2480 Eastin New Chance Program Provisions deleted
AB 2538 Moore STRS: Family Leave Credit Chapter 1272
AB 2545 Bates Department of Children's Services Died
AB 2647 Bates Perpetual Licensure: Fee Cap Chapter 1315
AB 2766 Bates Transitional Child Care Chapter 243
AB 2798 Floyd New Immunizations Requirements Chapter 1300
AB 2818 Lee Drug-Exposed Children Dropped
AB 2838 Klehs Child Care Tax Credit Died
AB 2852 Frazee County Child Abuse Record Checks Chapter 1083
AB 2879 Polanco Program Directors: Staff Qualifications Chapter 533
AB 2986 Campbell Recreation Programs: Fingerprinting Chapter 1097
AB 3087 Speier Child Care Licensure Reform: Child Abuse/Child Safety Projects Chapter 1316
AB 3122 B. Friedman Growth Formula Vetoed
AB 3151 Harvey Transfer of Child Care Centers Chapter 873
AB 3176 Lempert Insurance Failed
AB 3206 Hansen Family Child Care: Fire Clearances Chapter 661
AB 3334 McClintock Advisory Committee Dropped
AB 3372 Becerra Expansion: Licensing Backlogs Chapter 1113
AB 3397 Clute Teen Parenting Facilities Chapter 795
AB 3423 Brown Teen Parents: Sick Child Died
AB 3458 O'Connell Family Child Care Homes Chapter 108
AB 3501 Hughes Afterschool Programs Vetoed
AB 3761 Mays Allocation of Federal Funds Failed
AB 3783 Farr Infant/Preschool Special Education Chapter 1061
AB 3826 Moore Redefinition of Recreation Programs Chapter 625
ACR 98 Hansen Week of the Young Child Chapter R-14
ACR 109 Gotch Worthy Wage Day Chapter R-84
SB 147 Thompson Napa State Hospital: Educational Park Chapter 65
SB 354 McCorquodale Parenting Teens Died
SB 479 Morgan Office of Child Development and Education Died
SB 480 C. Green School Success Program Provisions deleted
SB 673 Morgan Exceptional Needs: Space Provisions deleted
SB 900 Watson Family Day Care Loan Fund Died
SB 1106 Watson Child Care Bonds Failed
SB 1184 Presley Child Abuse Index Check: Fee Chapter 1338
SB 1263 Deddeh Child Care Tax Credit Died
SB 1267 Morgan High School Parenting Class Died
SB 1313 Alquist Mental Illness History Dropped
SB 1383 McCorquodale Regional Centers: Child Care Chapter 1011
SB 1421 Russell Grandparent Child Care Chapter 892
SB 1527 Watson Zoning Protections Vetoed
SB 1562 Watson Licensure: Spanish Materials Chapter 1319
SB 1614 Hart Child Support: Child Care Costs Chapter 848
SB 1752 Killea San Diego Transit Child Care Died
SB 1779 No Author Licensing Fees Died
SB 1811 Bergeson State Preschool Priorities Chapter 814
SB 1830 Rogers GAIN Participants: Choice Vetoed
SB 1863 Marks Building Owners: Tax Credit Chapter 816
SB 1873 Marks Special Needs Children Vetoed
SB 1967 Hill GAIN Child Care Rates Failed
SB 2051 Rogers Young Child Tax Deduction Died

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